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projects to be undertaken include an index of Library holdings
together with those of other community organizations and private
individuals. Publication of a Preliminary Inventory and Union
List must remain future goals.
In addition to the Jewish Public Library’s archives program,
the Archives Committee is holding joint meetings with two
other Jewish community organizations, the Canadian Jewish
Congress and the Allied Jewish Community Services5. The Joint
Committee was appointed to devise an integrated archives pro­
gram to encompass the holdings of the present repositories as
well as material in the possession of other institutions and in
private hands. Many of these organizations and individuals have
indicated their wish to be associated with a Jewish community
archives program, in which methods common to all repositories
would be used.
As a first step, the Jo in t Committee engaged the services of
John Andreassen of the Records Company of Canada, to prepare
a report on the present state of the archives of the Jewish com­
munity and to offer recommendations to improve the existing
situation. Received in April, 1969, the major part of Mr. An-
dreassen’s report was adopted, and an immediate result was the
committee’s decision to engage an archivist whose services would
be shared between the Canadian Jewish Congress and the Jew­
ish Public Library, the two main repositories.
A suggestion to institute a training course for volunteers
has been put into effect, and from this group the future staff will
be drawn for the Jewish community archives. When the present
backlog of material is under control, hopefully these trained
workers will be available to aid organizations and individuals
who wish to keep personal possesssion of their holdings, but to
maintain them according to recognized archival methods.
Incorporated in both the Canadian Jewish Congress new
building and in the Jewish Public Library’s projected structure
is a special archives section. This provides space sufficient both for
present and for future storage of material under controlled at­
mospheric conditions. Also included are areas for listening to
tapes, for research and reference, for movie viewing, for micro­
film readers and for offices.
As an active participant in the proposed Jewish community
archives, and with its own archives program forging ahead, the
Jewish Public Library faces a future bright with many plans.
6The planning agency for Jewish community services and for allocation
of funds raised by the Combined Jewish Appeal.