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2 8
e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
b a n
, A
b b a
My people: the story of the Jews. New York, Behrman House;
Random House, 1968. 534 p. $17.50.
Superbly written history of the Jews from the age of the Patriarchs
to the present.
c k a r d t
, A
l ic e
A . R
o y
Encounter with Israel: a challenge to con­
science. New York, Association Press, 1970. 304 p. $7.95.
A history of Israel from Biblical times to the present, analyzing condi­
tions in Israel today— the position of the minorities, religion, economic
challenges and relations with the Arab world.
n c y c l o p e d ia
o f
io n i s m
a n d
s r a e l
b y
Raphael Patai. New York,
Herzl Press; McGraw Hill, 1971. 2 vols. $39.50.
Indispensable reference tool. Its nearly 3000 articles cover all aspects
of Zionism and Israel, including biographies.
o u n d a t io n
fo r
a l e s t i n e
Palestine: a study of Jewish, Arab and
British policies. Mamaroneck, N. Y., Kraus Reprint, 1970. 2 vols. $35.00.
Comprehensive historical treatment of the problem of Palestine from
the middle of the nineteenth century through the period of the British
e i s
, H
e r b e r t
The birth of Israel: the tousled diplomatic bed. New York,
Norton, 1969. 90 p. $3.95.
Brief account of American and British roles in the partition of Pal­
estine by the United Nations.
e r v a s i
, F
r a n k
The case for Israel. New York, Viking Press, 1967. 258 p.
$5.50. Paperbound. $1.95.
Evaluation of the country concentrating on the historic conflict be­
tween Arabs and Jaws, reviewing Israel’s search for peace.
o l d be r g
, I
s r a e l
(Rufus Learsi, pseud.). Fulfillment— the epic story of
Zionism. With an appendix by Herbert Parzen. 2nd ed. New York,
Herzl Press, 1972. 440 p. Paperbound. $4.95.
Comprehensive history of the Zionist movement from its beginnings
to the establishment of the State of Israel. Appendix briefly reviews
Zionism as an idea and movement in the post-statehood period.
a l p e r n
, B
e n
The idea of the Jewish state. 2nd ed. Cambridge, Mass.,
Harvard University Press, 1969. 493 p. $15.00.
Penetrating examination of Zionist thought and negotiations pertain­
ing to the establishment of the Jewish State and the effect of recent
events on the future of Israel.
a r k a b i
, Y
e h o s h a f a t
Arab attitudes to Israel. Jerusalem, Israel Univer­
sities Press; New York, Hart, 1971. 527 p. $10.00.
Examination of their declared aims, ideology and the possibilities of
e r t z b e r g
, A
r t h u r
ed. The Zionist idea: a historical analysis and reader.
New York, Atheneum; Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society of Amer­
ica, 1970. 638 p. Paperbound. $4.95.
Includes the writings of the precursors of the movement as well as the
modern political activists.
e s c h e l
, A
b r a h a m
J. Israel: an echo of eternity. New York, Farrar, Straus
and Giroux, 1969, 233 p. $5.50.
Stressing the historical significance of Israel not only for the Jews but
for the whole world.