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— S
e lected
o n
o w e
, I
r v in g
e r s h m a n
, C
a r l
eds. Israel, the Arabs and the Middle
East. New York, Bantam Books, 1972. 440 p. Paperbound. $1.95.
A collection of articles dealing with problems that beset the Middle
u r e w i t z
, J
aco b
C. The struggle for Palestine. New York, Greenwood
Press, 1968. 404 p. $16.00.
Political scientist depicts Arab nationalism, Zionist struggle for an
independent state, policies of Great Britain, partition and its aftermath.
o l l e k
, T
e d d y
e a r l m a n
, M
o s h e
Jerusalem: a history of forty cen­
turies. New York, Random House, 1968. 287 p. $15.00.
a l l
, A
r t h u r
The UN and the Middle East crisis, 1967. Rev. ed. New
York, Columbia University Press, 1970. 350 p. Paperbound. $2.45.
The role the United Nations played during this crisis.
a q u e u r
, W
a l t e r
ed. The Israel-Arab reader: a documentary history of the
Middle East conflict. New York, Citadel Press, 1969. 371 p. $1.65.
Good for the general reader rather than the expert in international
law; deletions in certain documents; some documents omitted.
a r k e s
, J
a m e s
Whose land? A history of the peoples of Palestine. New
York, Taplinger, 1971. 333 p. Also Penguin. Paperbound. $1.95.
Covers period from biblical times to the present.
a r z e n
, H
e r b e r t
A short history of Zionism. New York, Herzl Press, 1962.
127 p. Paperbound. $1.25.
r it t ie
, T
e r e n c e
Israel: miracle in the desert. Rev. ed. Baltimore, Penguin,
1968. 260 p. Paperbound. $1.45.
Gives background of the creation of the state and outlines the present
political, economic and social problems as well as relations with the
Arab world.
a f r a n
, N
a da v
From war to war; the Arab-Israeli confrontation 1948-
1967. New York, Pegasus, 1969. 464 p. $10.00. Paperbound. $2.95.
Reviews the Arab-Israeli conflict resulting in three wars, the rivalry
of the big powers in this area and the possibilities for peace.
a m u e l
, M
a u r ic e
Light in Israel. New York, A. A. Knopf, 1968. 212
p .
Documents the eternal desire of the Jews to return to Zion, the role
of the Zionist movement and recent historical events that led to the
creation of Israel and its present problems.
eg r e
V. D. Israel: a society in transition. London, Oxford University
Press, 1971. 227 p. $9.95.
Political scientist analyzes the history of the Jewish national move­
ment and its manifestations in Israel in the last twenty years.
o k o l o w
, N
a h u m
o f
Zionism, 1600-1918. New introduction by
Arthur Hertzberg. New York, Ktav Publishing House, 1970. 2 vols.
Comprehensive history and source book of the development of the
Zionist movement including valuable documents.
t o c k
, E
r n e s t
From conflict to understanding; relations between Jews and
Arabs since 1948. New York, American Jewish Committee, 1968. 103 p.
Paperbound. $1.00.
Based on interviews with Arabs and Jews.