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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
a l m o n
, J
e i b
Israel among the nations. New York, Macmillan,
1971. 199 p. $5.95.
Shows how the force of revolution and nationalism along with re­
newed Jewish self-awareness influenced the establishment of the State
of Israel.
i n e r
, G
e r s h o n
The founding fathers of Israel. New York, Bloch Pub­
lishing Co., 1971. 289 p. $7.95.
Analysis of Zionist ideology of the founding fathers.
l l o n
, Y
ig a l
The making of Israel’s army. Foreword by Michael Howard.
New York, Universe Books, 1970. 273 p. $8.95.
Field Commander in War of Independence explains the development
of Israel’s military doctrines of defense from the time of the first Jewish
settlements in Palestine to the Six-Day War including selected docu­
a r
o h a r
, M
i c h a e l
Embassies in crisis: diplomats and demagogues behind
the Six-Day War. Trans, from the French by Monroe Stearns. Engle­
wood Cliffs, Prentice-Hall, 1970. 279 p. $8.95.
Account of episodes that occurred behind the scenes and discussions
that took place among top world diplomats in the days leading up to
and including the war itself.
r a p e r
, T
h e o d o r
Israel and world politics: roots of the third Arab-Israeli
war. New York, Viking Press, 1968. 278 p. $5.75.
Primarily interested in the causes of the war and the part played by
the great powers in bringing it about.
a c k s o n
, R
o b e r t
The Israeli air force story: the struggle for Middle East
aircraft supremacy since 1948. London, Tom Stacey Ltd., 1970. 256 p.
Factual account of the development of the air force since 1948 inter­
spersed with anecdotes and dramatic episodes.
im c h e
, D
av id
a w l y
, D
a n
The sandstorm: the Arab-Israeli war of
June 1967: prelude and aftermath. New York, Stein and
D a y ,
319 p. $6.95.
Authors participated in the war—Kimche on the Sinai front and
Bawly on the Jordan front.
u r z m a n
, D
a n
Genesis 1948: the first Arab-Israeli war. New York, World
Publishing Co., 1970. 750 p. $12.95.
Describes the military and diplomatic events of the Arab-Israeli war
in 1948 and the events leading up to it; based on secret documents,
interviews and secondary sources.
a q u e u r
, W
a l t e r
The road to Jerusalem: the origins of the Arab-Israeli
conflict, 1967. New York, Macmillan, 1968. 368 p. $6.95.
Excellent survey and analysis of both sides.
a r t e g u y
, J
e a n
The walls of Israel. Trans, by Ormonde de Kay, jr. Fore­
word by Moshe Dayan. New York, M. Evans. 1969. 240 p. $5.95.
Human story of the Israeli armed forces—airmen, intelligence, tank
corpsmen and paratroopers.
o r c h
, N
e t a n e l
Israel’s war of independence, 1947-1949. 2nd rev. ed.
Hartford, Conn., Hartmore House, 1968. 579 p. $8.95.