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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
migration of Jews from all parts of the world during the past 20 years
who nevertheless are united in the defense of their country.
a t o n
, J
o s e p h
W. In collaboration with
i c h a e l
h e n
Influencing the
youth culture: a study of youth organizations in Israel. Beverly Hills,
Calif., Sage Pubications, 1970. 256 p. $8.95.
Gives historical as well as present programs.
i s e n s t a d t
, S
a m u e l
N. Israeli society. New York, Basic Books, 1967.
451 p. $10.95.
Indispensable work of an eminent sociologist at Hebrew University.
Deals with every phase of the society—political structure, institutions,
immigration, integration, minorities, class mobility, relationship between
the old and new generations.
-------------, B
o s e f
, R
iv k a h
d l e r
, C
h a im
Integration and develop­
ment in Israel. New York, F.
A .
Praeger, 1970. 703 p. $20.00.
Presents a selection of sociological, socio-psychological and demo­
graphic studies dealing with major aspects of the development and
crystalization of Israeli society.
l iav
, A
r ie l
. N
time for history: a pioneer story. Trans, from the Hebrew
by Dov Chaikin. New York, Sabra Books, 1970. 219 p. $4.95.
Readable account of how Israel absorbed the hundreds of thousands
of Jews who came from scores of countries in the first ten years of its
l o n
, A
m o s
The Israelis: founders and sons. New York, Holt, Rinehart &
Winston, 1971. 359 p. $10.00.
Critical analysis of Israel— its past and present—by a columnist for
the Israeli newspaper
o r k i n
, M
ic h a e l
Border kibbutz. New York, Grosset & Dunlap, 1971.
247 p. $6.95.
An American Jew’s appraisal of life in a kibbutz under repeated
guerilla attacks.
a b a s
, B
r a c h a
The gate breakers. New York, Herzl Press; Yoseloff, 1963.
407 p. $6.00.
The story of “illegal” immigration into Palestine.
a l e v i
, N
l in o v
a l u l
, R
u t h
The economic development of
N e w
York, F. A. Praeger, 1968. 321 p. $10.00.
Scholarly work covering all phases of the economy and the role of
government in its growth.
e r m a n
, S
im o n
N. Israelis and Jews; the continuity of an identity. Phila­
delphia, Jewish Publication Society of America, 1971. 331 p. $8.95.
Israel yearbook, 1972. Tel Aviv, Israel Yearbook Publications in coopera­
tion with the Jewish Agency, 1972. 311 p.
Annual publication, containing short articles by government officials
and scholars on the economy, social conditions, science, the arts and
legal structure.
a n o v s k y
, E
l i a h u
The economic impact of the Six-Day War: Israel, the
occupied territories, Egypt, Jordan. New York, F. A. Praeger, 1970
451 p. $15.00.
Scholarly study of pre-war and post-war economic conditions as well
as future prospects.
---------- . The economy of the Israeli kibbutz. Cambridge, Mass., Harvard
University Press, 1966. 169 p. Paperbound. $3.50.
Comprehensive analysis.