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— S
o n
e o n
, D
a n
The kibbutz: a new way of life. Rev. and enl. ed. New York,
Pergamon Press, 1969. 206 p. Paperbound. $4.00.
Outlines its administration, social conditions, cultural life and
i s s a k
, M
o s h e
Social mobility in Israel society. Jerusalem, Israel Uni­
versities Press, 1969. 122 p. $3.00.
Depicts trends and developments in social and political integration
in Israel’s pluralistic society.
a t r a s
, J
u d a h
Social change in Israel. Chicago, Aldine Publishing Co.,
1965. 211 p. $7.50.
Describes the social structure of the Jewish community.
e e k e r
, O
d e n
Israel, ancient land, young nation. New York, Scribner’s
Sons, 1968. 358 p. $7.95.
Perceptive impressions by former chief of Care in Israel.
a c k
, H
o w a r d
Structural change and economic policy in Israel. New
Haven, Yale University Press, 1971. 273 p. $9.75. (Economic growth
Explores some of the major dimensions of economic growth and
identifies aspects of government policy and social conditions which made
this growth possible.
a t a i
, R
a p h a e l
Israel between East and West: a study in human rela­
tions. 2nd ed. with supplementary notes and a new postscript. West­
port, Conn., Greenwood Publishing Corp., 1970. 394 p. $12.00.
Comprehensive study of diverse cultural groups in Israel and attempts
at assimilation, by an anthropologist.
i n c u s
, C
h a s y a
Come from the four winds: the story of youth aliya. New
York, Herzl Press, 1970. 333 p. $6.95.
Presents the stirring personal stories of some of the “Youth Aliyah”
graduates who came from the concentration camps and the ghettos of
the Middle East.
a m u e l
, E
d w i n
The structure of society in Israel. New York, Random
House, 1969. 184 p. Paperbound. $2.95.
Stresses its complexity due to the diversity of its population.
h e r m a n
, A
r n o l d
Impaled on a cactus bush: an American family in Israel.
New York, Sabra Books, 1970. 250 p. $5.95.
True story of this family’s adjustment in Israel, laced with humorous
p ir o
, M
e l f o r d
E. Kibbutz: venture in Utopia. New, augmented ed.
New York, Schocken Books, 1971. 306 p. $7.00.
An anthropological study of a kibbutz intended as a case study in
the possibilities of social cooperation.
e in t r a u b
Dov, and associates. Immigration and social change; agricul­
tural settlement of new immigrants in Israel. Jerusalem, Israel Un i­
versities Press, 1971. 278 p. $9.00.
Sociologist examines the salient social problems of new immigrants
and farmers in small-holders’ cooperative villages known as
---------- , and others. Moshava, kibbutz and moshav: patterns of Jewish
rural settlement and development in Palestine. Ithaca, N. Y., Cornell
University Press, 1969. 360 p. $14.50.
Comparative analysis of the three major types of agricultural settle­