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o n
Political scientist, who lived with Ben-Gurion for 18 months and had
access to his diary and personal papers, traces this extraordinary lead­
er’s life from childhood to the present.
e i n
, A
l e x
Theodor Herzl; a biography. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication
Society, New York, Meridian, 1962. 557 p. Paperbound. $4.75.
The life of the father of modern Zionism, based on his diaries,
letters, manuscripts and unpublished material.
e n
u r io n
, D
a v id
Letters to Paula. Trans, from the Hebrew by Audrey
Hodes. Pittsburgh, University of Pittsburgh, 1972. 259 p. $5.95.
Written to his wife from 1918 to 1942, giving an insight into the
Zionist struggle with Britain toward the fruition of the Jewish State.
, N
. The autobiography o f Nahum Goldmann: sixty years
of Jewish life. Trans, by Helen Sebba. New York, Holt, Rinehart and
1969. 358
a u
a v ie
, N
a p h t a l i
Moshe Dayan: a biography. Hartford, Conn., Prayer
Book Press, 1969. 233 p. $4.95.
Portrays Israel’s Defense Minister’s role in the wars against the Arabs.
a n n
, P
eg g y
Golda: the life of Israel’s Prime Minister. New York, Coward
McCann &Geoghegan, 1971. 287 p. $5.95.
Human interest story of her life, interwoven with the story of the
creation of Israel itself.
r it t ie
, T
e r e n c e
Eshkol: the man and the nation. New York, Pitman,
1969. 368 p. $7.95.
Deals with his participation in the building of Palestine and his role
in Israel as Prime Minister.
u p p i n
, A
r t h u r
Memoirs, diaries, letters. Ed. with an introduction by
Alex Bein. Trans, from the German by Karen Gershon. Afterword by
Moshe Dayan. New York, Herzl Press. 1971. 332 p. $6.95.
Reveals the life of this pioneer and sociologist and the leadership he
provided in encouraging different forms of agricultural settlements in
S t .
o h n
, R
o b e r t
Ben-Gurion: a biography. Garden City, N. Y., Double­
day, 1971. 360 p. $6.95.
Lucid portrait of the pioneer-statesman. Expanded version of 1959
y r k i n
, M
a r ie
Golda Meir: Israel’s leader. Rev. ed. New York, G. P.
Putnam’s Sons, 1969. 366 p. $6.95.
Well written biography of the young woman from Milwaukee who
became Israel’s Ambassador to Russia, held ministerial positions and
is now Prime Minister of Israel.
e i s g a l
, M
e y e r
W. Meyer Weisgal . . . so far: an autobiography. New
York, Random House, 1971. 404 p. $10.00.
Lively account of his life from childhood in the stetl to presidency
of the Weizmann Institute and personal and political association with
Chaim Weizmann.
e i z m a n n
, C
h a im
The letters and papers of Chaim Weizmann. London,
Oxford University Press, 1968, 1971. 2 vols. $12.75 each.
First two volumes in a continuing series. These two volumes cover
the period from Summer of 1885 to August 1903. Edited by Leonard
Stein, Gedalia Yogav, and Barnet Litvinoff. General editor: Meyer