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(PNH), which devotes much space to many aspects of
Jewish culture both in France and abroad. There is an especially
active Zionist press in France. In addition to the daily
Unzer Vort,
there are the following Yiddish publications of varying frequency:
Di Naye Shtime (La Nouvelle Voix,
) , liberal Zionist;
Arbeiter Vort (La Parole Ouvriere,
), socialist Zionist;
(Poale Zion-Ahdut Avodah) ;
Zionistishe Shtime (La Voix Sio-
) , independent general Zionist;
Unzer Veg (Notre
) , religious Zionist. There are also a number
of Zionist journals in the French language: e.g.,
Energie (Nouvelle
Renaissance Juive,
) , revisionist Zionist;
Cahiers Ber­
nard Lazare
) , socialist Zionist (Mapam) ;
La Terre
an independent Zionist publication established in
published in Toulouse since 1964, general Zion­
ist; and
Le Combat Sioniste
) , a socialist Zionist student
journal. In addition, there are various journals (see below) which
concern themselves specifically with the State of Israel and the
Arab-Israel problem.
Organizational Publications
The French Jewish community is a well-organized community,
in part because of the tradition of a formal communal structure
originally imposed by Napoleon, and in part because of the
development of numerous organizations concerned with the welfare
of Jews in France and abroad. This proliferation is reflected in
the periodical press, for these organizations all publish journals
and bulletins of one kind or another. The central communal
organization, the Consistoire Central Israelite de France et
d’Algerie, has been issuing (since 1950)
Journal des Commu-
the official publication of the consistorial organization.
Appearing twice a month, the
carries news on Jewish
life in France, especially as it pertains to the activities of the
Consistoires. A number of Jewish communities in the provinces
issue regional bulletins as well; most prominent perhaps is
Tribune Juive,
published in Strasbourg and incorporating a num­
ber of publications dealing with the communities of Alsace-
Lorraine and the Loire-Rhone-Alps region. Other regional publi­
cations include:
Bulletin dTnformation
of the communities of
Metz and the district of Moselle;
Notre Communaute
) ,
representing Belfort-Montbeliard;
published in Strasbourg
since 1955; and
a monthly published in Toulouse since
1966. While some of these publications concentrate as expected
on local community affairs, others, especially
Tribune Juive,
devote much space to world Jewish news and carry articles of a
semi-scholarly nature. Yet others rely heavily on translations from
American Jewish magazines for their feature articles. There is
also a journal concerned chiefly with the affairs of the Sephardim: