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La Voix Sepharade,
published since 1962 by the Consistoire
Sepharade of Lyon to deal with the religious and social life of
the Sephardi Jews of Lyon. Liberal or Reform Judaism is repre­
sented by
Le Rayon,
published (since 1910) by the Union
Liberale Israelite.
Best known among French Jewish national organizations is the
Alliance Israelite Universelle. Since 1921 the Alliance has pub­
lished an organizational bulletin called
Cahiers (Paix et Droit),
which carries news of Alliance activities in France and on behalf
of Jews all over the world, especially the Middle East. In addition,
the Alliance has issued (since 1965)
Les Nouveaux Cahiers,
features both publicistic and scholarly articles and book reviews.
The Fonds Social Ju if Unifie, the chief social, cultural and fund­
raising agency of the Jewish community, publishes a general
Jewish monthly,
a very substantial monthly with articles
on various aspects of Jewish culture and Israel. The French Sec­
tion of the World Jewish Congress issues
Information Juive,
lished from 1948 to 1962 in Algeria and subsequently in Paris by
the Congress and the Association des Juifs Originaires d’Algerie.
In addition to news of the World Jewish Congress, news of special
interest to Algerian Jews who have emigrated to France, and
general community news, there are many articles of a publicistic
and literary nature as well as book reviews. The association of
mutual aid, social welfare and “landsleit” organizations, the
Federation des Societes Juives de France, has since 1959 published
the monthly
Unzer Kiyum (Notre Existence),
a general Yiddish
literary journal. The other Yiddish literary publications in France
Parizer Shpilkes (Epingles),
an ephemeral satirical journal
published since 1961 and entirely the work of its editor A. A.
Liberman; and the semi-annual
Parizer Tsaitshrift,
since 1953.
Other organizations like WIZO and ORT publish bulletins.
Special mention, however, must be made of a journal published
since 1957 by the Joint Distribution Committee in Paris:
revue des enseignants juifs,
a journal devoted to Jewish education.
In addition to articles of a pedagogic nature, there is much infor­
mation on Jewish schools in Europe, especially in France, as well
as notices of publications of interest to Jewish educators. Several
other periodicals related to the needs of young Jews appear,
Conversations avec les Jeunes,
a French version of
Shmusen mit Kinder,
published since 1954 by the Lubavitcher
hasidim, and
E.I.F. (L!Eclaireur Israelite de France),
a mimeo­
graphed journal of the Jewish Boy Scout movement in France.
In addition, there are a number of journals published by groups
of Jewish university students
(Kadimah, Magen, Le Combat