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Israel and Soviet Jewry
The traditional concern of French Jews for their coreligionists
elsewhere is reflected also in their press. In addition to the cover­
age in the general Jewish press and in the Zionist journals, there
are several publications devoted to Israel and especially to its
relations with France. These are:
Amities France-Israel, Perspec­
tives France-lsrael,
Revue Economique France-Israel.
first, published since 1953, consists of brief, popular illustrated
articles on Israel. The second, appearing since 1962 under the
auspices of the Comite Fran^ais de l ’Alliance France-lsrael, is
more analytic and broader in scope, including also articles on the
political situation in the Middle East. The third journal has been
published since 1951 by the Chambre de Commerce France-lsrael
and deals with all aspects of the Israeli economy, especially eco­
nomic relations with France. In addition,
published since
1967 by Union des Medecins, Dentistes, et Pharmaciens Amis
d’Israel, promotes contacts between French Jewish doctors and
Israel. In recent years a number of journals have come into exist­
ence that deal with the problem of Arab-Israel relations from less
conventional viewpoints.
Israel & Palestine
, published in French
and English, represents the views of a group of French-Jewish
student radicals and others who are at odds with the established
Zionist leadership in Israel and are especially sympathetic to the
problems of the Arab and other minorities in Israel. The “New
Left” viewpoint is represented in
which is published
by the Comite International de la Gauche pour la Paix.
The problem of Russian Jewry has been a concern of the French
Jewish community since the days of the first large-scale pogroms
in Russia in 1881. While this problem is dealt with in many of
the newspapers and periodicals already mentioned, there are
several publications especially devoted to this topic.
Les Juifs en
Europe de I’Est
Les Juifs en Union Sovietique,
the French-
language counterparts of similar journals issued in English by
the Contemporary Jewish Library in London, serve to bring to
the attention of the French-reading public news and documents
concerning Jews in Russia. Another such journal is
lished by the Comite d’Action de Defense Democratique and the
Union des Juifs Qriginaires de l ’Europe de l ’Est; it concerns itself
with all manifestations of anti-semitism, including those in
Eastern Europe.
La Solidarity
is a German-language information
bulletin for former victims of Nazism and deals with postwar
problems such as reparations, German-Israeli relations and Ger-
man-Jewish emigrants in France and elsewhere. The broader
spectrum of Jewish-Gentile relations is the concern of
—Chretiens et Juifs,
published by L'Association Les Rencontres