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outside France, notably by the Hebrew University in Israel and
by the Harvard University Library in the United States.
The task of acquiring these periodicals has been facilitated by
the existence of two comprehensive bibliographies of the con­
temporary French-Jewish press. One is found in
The Jewish Press
of the World,
edited by Josef Fraenkel (7th edition, London,
World Jewish Congress, 1972); the other is in Roger Berg’s
Juif de France
(2d edition, Paris, 1971). These two excellent cur­
rent bibliographies, together with a comprehensive bibliography
of the first century and a half of the French-Jewish press by that
indefatigable historian and bibliographer of French Jewry, Z.
Szajkowski (in:
Yidn in Frankraikh,
vol. 1, New York, YIVO,
1942), are the major bibliographies of the French-Jewish press
and are indispensable to all students of that press. Its history is
yet to be written.