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The Messianic Idea in Israel
(his doctoral thesis);
A History of
Modern Hebrew Literature (1786-1930); Jesus of Nazareth: His
Life, Times, and Teachings
(one of the major modern Jewish in-
terpretations of Jesus);
From Jesus to Paul; Menachem Ussishkin:
His Life and Work
(about a pioneer of Zionism).
D a v id K n a a n i
80th birthday. Born near Kishinev, Bessarabia, June
15, 1894. A Hebrew teacher all his life in Europe as well as in
Palestine, where he came in 1925, he is best known for his ex-
tensive Hebrew dictionary, not yet completed, of which twelve
volumes have appeared so far.
M o s e s K u n i t z
200th anniversary of birth. Born in Budapest in 1774,
died there in 1837. A traditional Jew, who had acquired some
modern education, he surprised the Orthodox by supporting the
use of the organ in the Hamburg Temple controversy. Among
his works, mostly of a rabbinic character, was a biography of
Simon ben Yohai, whom he identified as the true author of the
a view rejected by most of his contemporaries and later
D a v id C o h e n d e L a r a
300th anniversary of death. Born in Lisbon
or Hamburg around 1602, died in Hamburg, October 10, 1674.
Haham of the Portuguese Jewish community in Hamburg, he
was the author of
Ir David,
a dictionary of rabbinic Hebrew,
tracing the foreign loan words in rabbinic literature. Only part
of this work through the letter
was published. As a lexicog-
rapher he was in contact with such important Christian Hebra-
ists as Buxdorf, who respected him very highly. He also trans-
lated into Spanish part of the ethical work,
Reshit Hokhmah,
by Elijah de Vidas, and part of Maimonides’ work.
D a v id S a m u e l L o e w i n g e r
70th birthday. Born in Debreczen, Hun-
gary, February 17, 1904. A Hungarian rabbi and professor at the
rabbinical seminary in Budapest, he has been associated with the
Hebrew University for the past 20 years, particularly in the field
of Hebrew manuscripts, having prepared several catalogs of such
manuscripts. He has edited several jubilee and memorial volumes
honoring various Hungarian Jewish scholars.
R a p h a e l M a h l e r
75th birthday. Born in Nowy Sacz, Poland, August
15, 1899. After a university education in Vienna, he taught in
Jewish high schools in Poland and from 1937 to 1950 in New
York. Since 1950 he has been living in Israel, where he has been
professor of central European Jewish history at Tel Aviv Uni-
versity. In Hebrew and Yiddish he has written about Jewish his-
tory in Poland and about the Karaites. A major work of his is
the multivolume history of modern Jewry, the first volume of
which in English translation was recently published.