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reading public include Descartes, Rousseau, John Stuart Mill,
David Hume, Locke, and Hobbes. He also translated French and
Russian poetry into Hebrew.
C h a im W e i zm a n n
100th anniversary of birth. Born in Motol, Rus-
sia, December 9, 1874, died in Rehovot, Israel, in 1952. His whole
life was devoted to realizing the Zionist dream which eventually
climaxed in his election as the first president of the State of
Israel. In pursuit of this goal he communicated his thoughts in
innumerable publicistic and oratorical efforts. His autobiography,
Trial and Error,
details his odyssey. Another important source
for the history of Zionism is the collection of his letters that is
being published in Hebrew and English, of which 3 volumes in
each language have appeared so far.
S t e p h e n S. W i s e
100th anniversary of birth and 25th anniversary
of death. Born in Budapest, March 17, 1874, died in New York,
April 19, 1949. Brought to this country as an infant, he became
one of the most dynamic leaders American Jewry had ever known.
An outstanding preacher, he attracted large audiences to Carne-
gie Hall for his services. A fervent Zionist though a reform rabbi,
he established the American Jewish Congress in opposition to the
then anti-Zionist American Jewish Committee. To advance his
interpretation of Judaism, he founded the Jewish Institute of Re-
ligion for the training of rabbis, now a part of the Hebrew Union
College-Jewish Institute of Religion. His writings never can con-
vey the powerful impact of his personality on his listeners. A
posthumous autobiography,
Challenging Years,
and two collec-
tions of letters give some idea of the range of his interests.
75th birthday. Born in Bessarabia, May 9, 1899. In
Palestine since 1925, he is one of the major Israeli literary critics,
having published studies on Rilke, Shlonsky and many collections
of articles on modern Hebrew literature. He also translated the
works of modern writers, such as Stefan Zweig, Rainer Maria
Rilke, Paul Valery, Chekhov, Gogol, Kleist, and others. Since 1940
he has been the head of the publishing house Mahberot le-Sifrut,
which plays an important part on the Israeli literary scene. He
also edited a literary periodical by the same name for fourteen