Page 15 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 31

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thanks to the Lucius N. Littauer Foundation, whose generous
annual contribution through our highly esteemed colleague and
Editorial Board member, Mr. Harry Starr, is a source of great
help. We deeply appreciate also the generosity of the Isaac Matz
Foundation, of which our revered colleague and Associate Editor,
Dr. I. Edward Kiev, is president. Rabbi Judah Nadich and Rabbi
Gilbert Klaperman have again rendered invaluable service in
making this volume possible. Our appreciation is profound to
the writers represented in this volume, and to all others who
have assisted the Jewish Book Council in its effort to infuse vigor
and viability into the cultural groves of Israel.
At the helm of our cultural project stands Rabbi Philip Good-
man—sage, patient, industrious, dedicated, and modest. His com-
mitment to the Jewish Book Council and to the
Jewish Book
is genuine and inspiring. Year after year, as our Manag-
ing Editor, he can be depended upon to the smallest detail as
well as to the supervision of all steps leading to publication. We
have learned that the Jewish Publication Society which published
Sukkot and Simhat Torah Anthology
this year, plans to pub-
lish next year his
Shavuot Anthology
now in manuscript form.
He has earned our gratitude for his fine leadership, as well as a
yeyasher koah
for his scholarly books.