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and assured him it would continue its active participation as it
has since the first fair held in Jerusalem. Subsequently, a large
booth was rented by the Council at the fair and in it were ex-
hibited approximately 150 volumes in English and Yiddish
selected by members of the Council’s Library Committee. The
Jewish Book Council exhibit, the only non-commercial one de-
voted to American Judaica, was visited by Israel’s leading digni-
taries including President Zalman Shazar. More than one thou-
sand publishers from thirty countries displayed over 30,000 books
at the fair.
Since the inauguration twenty-two years ago of the practice of
presenting citations to libraries of Jewish Community Centers,
synagogues, Jewish schools and other institutions that meet the
criteria established by the Jewish Book Council, a total of 248
citations have been presented. At the annual presentation of
literary awards held on May 20, 1973, citations of merit were
presented by Dr. Charles Berlin, chairman of the Council’s
Library Committee, to the following libraries: Temple Emanuel,
Beverly Hills, Calif.; Congregation Beth Sholom, San Francisco,
Calif.; Temple Israel, Boston, Mass.; Community Synagogue,
Rye, N. Y., and Temple Rodef Shalom, Falls Church, Virginia.
These libraries have met the following criteria, among others:
they were organized for at least one year; they set aside at least
one room for the library; they have either a full or part-time
librarian for a minimum of ten hours a week and a fixed annual
budget; they possess a minimum of one thousand books of Jewish
interest and they access a minimum of one hundred addi-
tional books annually; they maintain a catalogue accessible to
readers. In addition to these requirements, the libraries also
participate actively in Jewish Book Month activities and render
various services for the enrichment of the Jewish cultural life in
their communities.
Kraus-Thomson Organization, Ltd., has been granted microfilm
reprint rights for the reproduction of the thirty volumes of the