Page 210 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 31

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A Book Lis t for the Jewish Chi ld
Selected Paperbound Books of Jewish Interest ,
by Louise
Renee Rosenberg
Selected Books on Israel,
by Sylvia Landress
Sephardic and Oriental Jewry
Jewish Life in Many Lands: A Selected Bibl iography,
Vivian Silberstein
Historical Fiction on Jewish Themes,
by Harold U. Ribalow
Selected Yiddish Books for a Library
(in Yiddish)
The Jewish Press
Jewish Reference Books,
by Herbert C. Zafren
Many of the above publications have been in great demand as
they evidently fill a real need. The bibliography entitled
A Book
List for the Jewish Child,
a comprehensive bibliography of prac-
tically all in-print books, has been most popular. Likewise,
lected Paperbound Books of Jewish Interest ,
based upon books
selected by the members of the Council’s Library Committee, has
enjoyed much popularity.
Some of the publications were prepared on the initiative of the
Council’s Program Materials Committee, under the chairmanship
of David M. Kleinstein, while the bibliographies were reviewed
by members of the Library Committee of which Dr. Charles
Berlin is chairman. Both committees have already developed plans
for the isuance of new materials to be used in connection with
the United States Bicentennial in 1976. This will provide a
propitious opportunity to emphasize the role of the Jewish com-
munity in the progress and development of America. The Council
has initiated cooperative efforts with several organizations in the
preparation and publication of the proposed publications.
With the increasing recognition of the Jewish Book Council as a
source of authoritative information on many aspects pertaining to
Jewish books, it is now operating what is in effect an information
service. Calls for information are received in increasing volume
from authors, publishers, public libraries, the general press and
non-sectarian organizations. In addition, guidance is given to
individuals and organizations in the selection of books, develop־