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ment of libraries and compilation of bibliographies. The Council
also renders service to Jewish communal camps and is embarking
upon efforts to serve Jewish student organizations.
The U. S. Secretariat of International Book Year wrote: “Many
thanks for the clippings reflecting Jewish response to the concept
of IBY. You will be pleased to know hardly a day goes by when
our mail doesn't include letters requesting additional informa-
tion from Hadassah organizations, synagogues or Jewish Com-
munity Centers. . . . Once again, our deep thanks for the
promotional activities which you undertook.”
To meet requests for information about recipients of the Jew-
ish Book Council’s awards, a current listing has been prepared
of all authors who won the various awards, arranged according to
categories, since the inauguration of these annual awards in 1948.
To facilitate the use of the thirty published volumes of the
Jewish Book Annual ,
a reprint was made of the title and author
index of the first 25 volumes, with the table of contents of the
subsequent volumes.
The Council also has available on request a selected listing of
Jewish book dealers and publishers.
Under the dynamic leadership of the Council’s president, Dr.
Eugene B. Borowitz, the Executive Board is giving serious con-
sideration to expanding the horizons of the Council through the
introduction of new ideas and projects it might undertake. Con-
sultations have been held with leading figures in the general
publishing industry to ascertain their viewpoints and to elicit
suggestions. A number of significant proposals have already been
offered and they will be given full consideration during the com-
ing year.
As part of this process of self-study, the Council circulated a
questionnaire among Jewish Community Centers to ascertain the
extent of their participation in Jewish book and literary activities
and also to solicit suggestions from them concerning their prob-
lems and how the Council can serve them more effectively. The
response indicated that the Council serves as an impelling force
in the development of programs for Jewish Book Month observ-
ance by formulating, motivating, encouraging and recommending