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since 1932. Many publications both scholarly and popular testify
to his research activity. Among his books in English are
A His-
tory of the Holy Land, Oriental Art in Roman Palestine, Our
Living Bible.
He also was joint editor of the
Macmillan Bible
J a c o b B a c h r a c h
150th anniversary of birth. Born in Sejni, Russia,
May 9, 1824, died in Bialystok, Russia in 1896. For a number of
years he lived in Sevastopol, where he observed the Karaites and
later wrote some polemical works against them. He also visited
Palestine in 1882 and wrote about his visit there. He was inter-
ested in the origin of Hebrew vocalization and disputed in some
of his other works the views of Samuel David Luzzatto and Eli-
jah, the Gaon of Vilna, on this subject.
I s r a e l B a k
100th anniversary of death. Born in Berdichev, Russia,
in 1797, died in Jerusalem, November 9, 1874. Scion of a printers'
family, he was engaged in this occupation in Slavuta before emi-
grating to Palestine in 1831. The following year he reestablished
a printing press in Safed, the first such enterprise since 1677 in
that community. After several uprisings and an earthquake, he
finally moved to Jerusalem and established the first Hebrew
printing press there in 1841. For many years this was the only
one in that city. Among its publications was the newspaper
which was of great historical importance, because it mir-
rored the condition of Jewish life in Palestine in the latter half
of the 19th century.
I s a a c L o e b B a r u c h
100th anniversary of birth. Born in Tauroggen,
Lithuania, September 26, 1874, died in Tel-Aviv in 1953. A teach-
er in Jewish high schools in Eastern Europe and in Israel, where
he arrived in 1926, he published some novels and poems of his
own, but his principal service was that of an anthologist and
translator. Very popular was the
Sefer ha-Shabbat
and the
of which he was the co-editor. These works on the
Sabbath and the holidays went through many editions. He also
published editions of medieval Hebrew poetry and translated into
Hebrew works by Emerson, Byron, Kipling, Jules Verne, Galth-
worthy, Shalom Asch, and such classics as Goethe’s
and Heine's poems.
I s r a e l B e n z e e v
75th birthday. Born in Jerusalem, June 30, 1899. A
prominent Israeli Arabist, who taught at the University of Cairo
in the 1930’s, he is now lecturer in Arabic at Bar-Ilan University.
In addition to text books in Arabic for Hebrew speaking students,
he has written a history of the Jews in Arabia, a book on mis-
sionary activities in Israel, and on proselytism, since he is active
in the society to receive proselytes into Judaism.