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I s a a c B e r g e r - B a r z i l a i
70th birthday. Born in Cracow, Poland, No-
vember 29, 1904. Settling in Palestine in 1920, he eventually joined
the Communist Party and was sent as its delegate to Moscow.
There he was arrested and imprisoned in a labor camp until
1956. Since 1957 he has been living in Israel and has been pub-
lishing several books based on his experiences.
J u d a h B e r gm a n n
100th anniversary of birth. Born in Galicia, August
30, 1874, died in Jerusalem in 1954. For many years a liberal rabbi
in Berlin before settling in Jerusalem in 1935, he wrote about
Judaism and Jewish folklore both in German and Hebrew.
P h i l i p B ir n b a um
70th birthday. Born in Poland, March 30, 1904. In
this country since 1921, he has been a teacher of Hebrew for many
years. He has published several editions of the traditional prayer-
book with English translations which have proved very popular.
An abridged edition of the
Mishneh Torah
by Moses Maimonides
with an English translation was intended for students.
A Book
of Jewish Concepts
is a concise dictionary of Judaism. He recent-
ly edited an anthology,
Karaite Studies,
dealing with this impor-
tant medieval Jewish sect.
S im o n B o n d i
200th anniversary of birth. Born in Dresden, Germany,
May 16, 1774, died there in 1816. A student of philology, he co-
authored with his brother Marcus a work on the Latin loanwords
in the Talmud and in the Midrash,
Or Ester
(Dessau, 1812).
A b r a h am B r o d a
200th anniversary of death. Born about 1690, died
in Aussee, Moravia, October 27, 1774. A prominent businessman
and leader of the Jewish community of Aussee, he wrote a Hebrew
work describing the demolition of the synagogue in Aussee in
1722. This occurred in retaliation against the Jewish community
for ejecting a Catholic priest who had entered the synagogue on
Yom Kippur and interrupted the service to preach a missionary
L e w i s B r o w n e
25th anniversary of death. Born in London, England,
in 1897, died in Santa Monica, California, January 3, 1949.
Trained as a Reform rabbi, he turned from the rabbinate to writ-
ing after a few years in the pulpit. In addition to several novels
of general interest, which were quite successful, he also wrote
How Odd of God; an Introduction to the Jew
״ also
Stranger than
Fiction; a History of the Jews,
and an anthology,
The Wisdom
of Israel.
These works were popular presentations of the subject,
arousing the interest of a much larger circle of readers than or-
dinarily would be interested in such topics.
B e n -Z io n D i n u r
90th birthday. Born in Khorol, Ukraine, Russia,
January 1, 1884. In Palestine since 1921, he has been a teacher
on elementary and academic levels over the years, eventually be­