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coming Minister of Education in Israel. His major work is a mul-
tivolume source book of Jewish history still in progress. In Eng-
lish there appeared a collection of essays,
Israel and the Diaspora.
M o s e s E h r e n r e i c h
75th anniversary of death. Born in Brody, Po-
land, in 1818, died in Rome, Italy, December 2, 1899. He pre-
pared for the rabbinate under the famous Samuel David Luzzatto
at the rabbinical seminary in Padua, Italy. After serving as teach-
er and rabbi in various Italian communities he eventually be-
came chief rabbi of Rome and reestablished his alma mater there
and served as its principal. He participated in the translation of
the Bible for Jewish readers into Italian, and also wrote a biog-
raphy of his father-in-law, the scholar Isaac Reggio. He published
Hebrew poems and Biblical studies in Hebrew periodicals.
I sm a r E l b o g e n
100th anniversary of birth. Born in Schildberg, Ger-
many, September 1, 1874, died in New York in 1943. After train-
ing for the rabbinate in German seminaries, he became professor
at the liberal rabbinical seminary in Berlin until his emigration
to the United States in 1938 where he was a research professor,
jointly sponsored by several American Jewish institutions. His
major contribution to Jewish scholarship has been in the field
of Jewish liturgy. His history of Jewish liturgy was published in
Germany in several editions. He was one of the chief editors of
the German
Encyclopaedia Judaica,
which although unfinished,
has served as a model to the new work in English by the same
title. In addition to his scholarly activity he was active in the
field of adult Jewish education in Germany as president of the
societies for Jewish history and literature which sponsored lec-
tures for laymen on Jewish topics in many German communities,
large and small. In America he published
A Century of Jewish
(1944), which was intended as a continuation of Graetz's
History of the Jews.
M o r d e c a i Z e eb F e i e r b e r g
100th anniversary of birth and 75th an-
niversary of death. Born in Novogrod-Volhynsk, Russia, Septem-
ber 20, 1874, died there March 2, 1899. The son of a
had a typical traditional education, against which he, like many
of his generation, revolted, especially since his father wanted him
to follow in his footsteps. He wanted to extend the narrow hori-
zon in which the people of the older generation were living, and
he searched for something new. The spirited arguments with his
contemporaries were to be reflected in his literary creations. Be-
cause of his sickness he went to Warsaw for medical treatment
and met there Nahum Sokolow, then the best-known Hebrew
publicist, who encouraged him in his work. A few weeks after his
death his major work
appeared. It was an auto-biograph­