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involved in the Zionist movement throughout his life. During the
Israel War of Independence in 1948 he was military governor of
the city. His reminiscences of this period were brought out under
the title,
The Faithful City.
Since then he has served intermit-
tently in various capacities in Israeli cabinets. He also wrote earlier
British Rule in Palestine.
A b r a h am
100th anniversary of birth. Born near Zhitomir,
Ukraine, December 19, 1874, died in Tel-Aviv in 1946. Having
secured a traditional Jewish and a general education, he devoted
much of his life toward preparing an edition of the Bible with a
modern critical commentary in Hebrew. He worked on his task
both before and after coming to Palestine in 1923. This project
was never quite completed. He also prepared a Hebrew edition
and commentary for several of the books of the Apocrypha and
Pseudo-Epigrapha. Among his other works are biographies of
Moses Hayyim Luzzatto and the Baal Shem Tov, a history of the
Jews in Rome, a Hebrew grammar, an anthology of Hasidism,
and editions of the autobiography of Leon de Modena, the Italian
rabbi, and the stories of Nahman of Bratzlav, the Hasidic sage.
He also edited a Russian-Hebrew dictionary.
Z eb i H i r s c h K a l i s c h e r
100th anniversary of death. Bom in Lissa,
Germany, in 1795, died in Thorn, Germany, October 16, 1874.
A traditional rabbi in Thorn, although he had already received
some modern education, he is best known as a forerunner of the
Zionist movement. As early as the 1830's he had written to his
teacher Rabbi Akiba Eger that the redemption of the Jews could
only be achieved through settlement in Palestine. In the 1860's he
organized a society for Jewish colonization of Palestine and was
instrumental in the establishment of the Mikveh Israel Agricul-
tural School, sponsored by the Alliance Israelite Universelle. In
addition to traditional rabbinic works, such as commentaries on
Shulhan Arukh,
he wrote
Derishat Tsiyon,
a call for the re-
settlement of the Jews in Palestine, the German edition of which
influenced Moses Hess in the writing of his classic
Rom und
In another work he discussed the possibility of the
restoration of the sacrificial service in modern times.
J a c o b K a t z
70th birthday. Born in Magyargecz, Hungary, November
15, 1904. In Palestine since 1936, he has been professor of edu-
cational and social history of the Jews at the Hebrew University
since 1962. He also served as rector of the University. He has writ-
ten both in Hebrew and English in his field. In English there
Jews and Freemasons in Europe: 1723-1939; Exclusive-
ness and Tolerance: Studies in Jewish-Gentile Relations; Tradi-
tion and Crisis: Jewish Society at the End of the M iddle Ages.