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I s r a e l , S ta n .
A bibliography of divorce.
New York, Bloch, 1973. 300 p.
J a c o b , W a l t e r .
Christianity through Jewish eyes.
Cincinnati, New York,
Hebrew Union College Alumni; Ktav, 1974.
J a c o b s , L ou is .
What does Judaism say about . .
.? New York, Quad­
rangle, 1974. 346 p.
The Jewish attitude to problems facing contemporary society.
------- .
Jewish biblical exegesis.
New York, Behrman House, 1973. 196 p.
Selections from medieval Jewish commentaries translated for the
modern student.
------- .
A Jewish theology.
New York, Behrman House, 1974. 342 p.
J a c o b s , V i c t o r i a .
Diary of a San Diego girl 1856.
Ed. by Sylvia Arden.
Santa Monica, Cal., Norton B. Stern, 1973. 75 p.
There are references to Jewish personalities and homes of the
J a n z e n , J o h n G e r a ld .
Studies in the text of Jeremiah.
Harvard University Press, 1973. 242 p.
Jo s ep h u s , F l a v iu s .
Selections from Josephus historical writings.
Ed. by
A. Wasserstein. New York, Viking, 1974. 352 p.
Jo sp e , A l f r e d ,
L e v y , R i c h a r d
Bridges to a holy time: new
worship for the Sabbath and minor festivals.
New York, Ktav, 1973.
346 p.
Selected prayers and readings for worship in the college com­
Judaism and Christianity: selected accounts, 1892-1962.
Preface and
Introduction by Jacob B. Agus. New York, Arno Press, 1973.
Reprints of articles.
Ju n g , L e o .
Fallen angels in Jewish, Christian and Mohammedan
New York, Ktav, 1974. 174 p.
A comparative study in demonology by the senior rabbi of the
Jewish Center in New York, first published in 1926.
K a f k a , F r a n z .
Letters to Felice.
Ed. by Erich Heller and Jurgen Bor.
Trans, from German by James Stern and Elisabeth Duckworth.
Correspondence during his engagement to Felice Bauer.
K a h a n e , M e i r .
Our challenge: the chosen land.
Radnor, Pa., Chilton,
1974.181 p.
“The battle plan for the creation of a Jewry” by the founder of
the Jewish Defense League.
K am in sk a , Id a .
My life, my theater.
New York, Macmillan, 1973. 310
p .
A personal account of Jewish life in Poland by the founder of
the Yiddish state theater in Warsaw.
K a sh ap , S. P a u l .
Studies in Spinoza: critical and interpretive essays.
Berkeley, University of California Press, 1974. 375 p. Paperbound