Page 108 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 32

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Review of the Scandinavian scholarship concerned with form
criticism of the Hebrew Bible.
K o r e n , N a t h a n .
Jewish physicians: a biographical index.
Israel Universities Press, 1973. 275 p.
K o r e y , W i l l i a m .
T he Soviet cage: anti-Semitism in Russia.
New York,
Viking Press, 1973. 369 p.
A report of cases of persecution of Jewish citizens.
K o v a l y , H ed a ,
K o h a k , E ra z im .
The victors and the vanquished.
New York, Horizon Press, 1973. 274 p.
K o v n e r , Abba.
A canopy in the desert: selected poems.
Trans, by
Shirley Kaufman, Ruth Adler and Nurit Orchan. Pittsburgh, Uni­
versity of Pittsburgh, 1973. 222 p.
K r u l e w i t c h , M e lv in
that you mention it.
New York, Quad­
rangle, 1973. 257 p.
Memoirs of an active life as a Major General in the U. S.
Marines, lawyer, bibliophile and artist.
L amm , N o rm a n ,
The good society: Jewish ethics in action.
York, Viking, 1974. 240 p.
Selected essays on modern Jewish living by the rabbi of the
Jewish Center of New York.
L a n d sb e rg e r , F r a n z .
A history of Jewish art.
Port Washington, N. Y.,
Kennikat Press, 1973. 369 p.
A reprint of the 1946 volume by the late curator of Jewish art
at the Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati.
L a r s o n , Simeon .
Labor and foreign policy: Gompers, the AFL , and the
first world war, 1914-1918.
Rutherford, N. J . , Fairleigh Dickinson
University, 1974. 256 p.
How the labor movement supported Woodrow Wilson’s foreign
L a r s s o n , G e r h a r d .
The secret system: a study of the chronology of the
Old Testament.
Leiden, Brill, 1973. 119 p.
L a z a r o v , Y e h u d i t .
Research program in Israel of the United States
Department of Agriculture.
Jerusalem, National Council for Re­
search and Development, 1972. 199 p.
L e a f , R eub en .
Hebrew alphabets from 400 BCE to our days.
New York,
Bloch, 1974.
Reproductions of ancient and modern Hebrew scripts and
L e h rm a n n , C h a r l e s C .
Jewish influences on European thought.
ford, N. J . , Fairleigh Dickinson University, 1974. 272 p.
An examination of the fate of the Jewish people in relation to
world history and the impact of the Jewish genius on European