Page 109 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 32

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L e ib ow i tz ,
J . O., and
M a r c u s , S.
Moses Maimonides on the causes of
Berkeley, University of California, 1973.
L e r n e r , I r a
T .
Mexican Jewry in the land of the Aztecs:
6th ed.
Mexico, B. Cota-Amic, 1973. 389 p.
A guide to Jewish communities and their history.
L e sb e rg , Sandy .
At the table of Israel.
New York, Bobbs-Merrill, 1973.
224 p.
A collection of 300 recipes of traditional and modern Jewish
L e v en son ,
In one era and out the other.
New York, Simon &
Schuster, 1973. 190 p.
Amusing memories of Jewish immigrant family life in New
York and their first generation American children.
L e v in , M a r l i n .
Balm in Gilead: the story of Hadassah.
New York,
Schocken, 1973. 274 p.
A history of the American women’s Zionist organization and its
contributions to the cultural and health services in Israel.
L e v in , M e y e r .
T he obsession.
New York, Simon
Schuster, 1973. 316 p.
An account of the author’s long struggles for recognition as the
original author of a play based on
The Diary of Anne Frank.
------- .
An Israel Haggadah for Passover.
New York, Harry N. Abrams,
1973. 126 p.
New translation and illustrations for the Seder ceremony.
L e v in ,
G o rd on .
The Zionist movement in Palestine and world
Lexington, Mass., Heath, 1973. 258 p.
Documents and sources.
L e v in e , I s a a c D on .
Eyewitness to history.
New York, Hawthorn Books,
1973. 305 p.
Memoirs and reflections of a half century as foreign corres­
pondent intimately acquainted with Russian political and cultural
L e v i n t h a l , I s r a e l J .
T he message of Israel: sermons, addresses and
New York, Lex Printing Co., 1973. 219 p.
A selection of homiletic messages by the rabbi emeritus of the
Brooklyn Jewish Center.
L ew is , D av id I .
Prisoners of honor: the Dreyfus affair.
New York,
Morrow, 1973. 346 p.
Based on contacts with the Dreyfus family.
L iebm an , S e ym ou r
T he inquisitors and the Jews in the new world.
Miami, University of Miami, 1973.
A study of Jews in Spanish America based on research in the
archives of the Inquisition.