Page 110 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 32

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L ind , J a k o v .
T he trip to Jerusalem.
New York, Harper
Row, 1972.
64 p.
New impressions of life in the State of Israel.
L ipm an , E u g en e
J . , trans.
T he Mishnah: oral teachings of Judaism.
New York, Schocken, 1974. 318 p. Paperbound reprint.
L i t t e l l , F r a n k l i n H . ,
L o c k e , H u b e r t
The German struggle
and the Holocaust.
Detroit, Wayne State University, 1973. 328 p.
Basic studies on the impact of nazism, Marxism, anti-semitism
and religious liberty from 1933 to 1945.
L ow e n k o p f , A n n e
The Hasidim: mystical adventurers and ecstatics.
Los Angeles, Sherbourne Press, 1973. 163 p.
L o w e n t h a l , E r i c
The Joseph narrative in Genesis.
New York, Ktav,
1973. 212 p.
An interpretation based on traditional Rabbinic commentaries.
M an d e lb aum , B e r n a r d .
Add years to your life.
New York, Grosset
Dunlap, 1973. 176 p.
Inspirational essays on Jewish themes by the president of the
America-Israel Cultural Foundation.
M a n d e l s tam , N ad ezhd a .
Hope abandoned.
New York, Atheneum, 1974.
687 p.
The widow of the Russian Jewish poet Osip Mandelstam
describes her life in Russia and the struggles and suffering she and
her husband endured.
M a r g a l i t h , D avid .
Physician forerunners of modern Israel.
Academy of Medicine, 1973. 192 p.
M a rk , T h om a s
Spinoza's theory of truth.
New York, Columbia Uni­
versity, 1973. 152 p.
An inquiry into the logical similarity of Spinoza’s concepts of
truth and substance.
M a r k o w i tz , Sidney
What do you know about Jewish religion, ethics
and culture.
Secaucus, N. J . , Citadel Press, 1973. 226 p.
M a r t e a u , R o b e r t .
The stained glass windows of Marc Chagall, 1957-
New York, Tudor, 1973. 159 p.
M a r x , G r o u c h o ,
A n o b i le , R i c h a r d J .
The Marx Brothers scrap­
New York, Darien House, 1974. 256 p.
The intimate illustrated story of the entertainers in vaudeville,
stage and screen.
M a z a r , B e n jam in .
Beth She’arim: report on the excavations during
1936-1940. Vol. 1: T he catacombs 1-4.
New Brunswick, N. J . ,
Rutgers University Press, 1973. 228 p.
L a n e , C h a r l e s
Soviet-Middle East relations.
New York, Columbia
University, 1973. 126 p.
A documented account of Russian political, economic and cul­
tural relations with the Arab countries.