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------- .
T he idea of purity in ancient Judaism.
Leiden, Brill, 1973. 153 p.
Rabbinic teachings related to the clean and unclean.
N e u sn e r , J a c o b ,
Soviet views of Talmudic Judaism:
p ap e rs by
Yu. A. Solodukho. Leiden, Brill, 1973. 110
------- .
Understanding Rabbinic Judaism: from Talmudic to modern
New York, Ktav and Anti-Defamation League of B ’nai
B ’rith, 1974. 422 p.
An anthology of writings about traditional Judaism.
------- .
Understanding Jewish theology: classical and modern perspectives.
New York, Ktav and Anti-Defamation League of B ’nai B ’rith,
1973. 280 p.
Writings of modern scholars on God, Torah and Israel.
N isb e t , R o b e r t .
The sociology of Emile Durkheim.
New York, Oxford
University Press, 1974. 320 p.
The relations between Durkheim’s fundamental ideas and
modern sociology.
O d eb e rg , H u g o .
3 Enoch or the Hebrew book of Enoch.
Ed. and trans.
with introduction, commentary and critical notes. New York, Ktav,
1973. 179, 74, 36 p.
This reprint of the 1928 edition contains a new prolegomenon
of 47 pages by Prof. Jonas C. Greenfield of the Hebrew University,
together with a critical edition of the Hebrew text.
O e s t e r l e y ,
O .
E., and Box, G.
H.A short survey of the literature of
rabbinical and mediaeval Judaism.
New York, Burt Franklin, 1973.
334 p. Reprint.
O r l in s k y , H a r r y
Essays on biblical culture and Bible translation.
New York, Ktav, 1973. 462 p.
Collected scholarly writings of the Professor of Bible at the
Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion in New York
including his articles dealing with the Septuagint.
O sm eck i , K a s im ie rz
H e who saves one life: the complete documented
story of the Poles who struggled to save the Jews during World
War 11.
New York, Crown, 1972. 329 p.
P a d w a l , M a rk .
The book of Lamentations with a pictorial commentary.
New York, Horizon Press, 1974.
P a r z e n , H e r b e r t .
T he Hebrew university, 1925-1935.
New York, Ktav,
1974. 121 p.
The early history of the university.
P a u l , S h a lom ,
D e v e r , W i l l i a m
G., eds.
Biblical archaeology.
York, Quadrangle, 1974. 290 p.
Biblical art, architecture, town planning, minerals, etc., based on
articles originally published in the
Encyclopedia Judaica.
P e a r lm a n , M o sh e .
The Maccabees.
New York, Macmillan, 1973. 272 p.
A popular history of the heroic family from 160 B.C.E. on.