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R a d d a y , Y e h u d a
T .
An analytical linguistic key-rvord-in-context concord­
ance to the Books of Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi.
Biblical Research Associates, 1973. A-D, 153 p. (The Computer
Bible, vol. 4)
R a v i c h , A b ra h am .
Preventing V.D. and cancer by circumcision.
York, Philosophical Library, 1973. 211 p.
R o s e n , M o sh e .
The paper bridge.
Trans, by Carol Kormos. Bucharest,
1973. 304 p.
Essays by the Chief Rabbi of Romania.
S c h a t z , E l ih u
Proof of the accuracy of the Bible.
Middle Village,
N. Y., Jonathan David, 1973. 740 p.
S c h a y a , L e o .
The universal meaning of the Kabbalah.
M d .,
Penguin, 1973.
Schne id , H a y y im .
Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society,
1973. 117 p. Paperbound.
Illustrated description of Jewish marriage ceremonies.
S c h o lem , G e rsh om .
New York, Quadrangle, 1974. 492 p.
A thorough study by the professor of Jewish mysticism at the
Hebrew University; originally published under several headings in
the Encyclopedia Judaica.
------- .
Sabbatai Sevi: the mystical Messiah 1626-1676,
Princeton, Prince­
ton University Press, 1973. 1000 p.
Revised and augmented translation by R. J . Zwi Werblowsky
from the Hebrew work describing the life of Sabbatai Sevi and
influence of the Messianic movement which began in the 17th
S c h o o r s , A n to n .
I am God your saviour: a form critical study of the
main genres in Is. XL-LV.
Leiden, Brill, 1973. 343 p.
A review of the scholarly interpretation of Deutero-Isaiah since
1906, and a study of the
Sitz im L eben
texts bearing on the words,
oracles and the proclamation in these chapters of the Book of
S c h w a r tz , C h a r l e s .
Gershwin: his life and works.
Indianapolis, Bobbs-
Merrill, 1973. 432 p.
A biography of the American Jewish composer George Gershwin.
S c o t t , N a t h a n A .
Three American moralists: Mailer, Trilling, Bellow.
Notre Dame, Ind., University of Notre Dame, 1973. 230 p.
A theologian’s analysis of
American Dream
by Norman Mailer;
Mr. Sammler’s Planet
by Saul Bellow and
The Middle of the
by Lionel Trilling, pointing to the deeply animating
strength of the main characters in these novels.
S e g a l , R o n a ld .
Whose Jerusalem? The conflicts of Israel.
New York,
Bantam Books, 1973. 305 p. Paperbound.