Page 115 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 32

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S e i tz , W i l l i a m
George Segal.
New York, Harry N. Abrams, 1972.
96 p.
An illustrated review of the modern artist’s paintings.
S en d re y , A l f r e d .
Music in the social and religious life of antiquity.
Rutherford, N. J . , Fairleigh Dickinson University, 1973. 489 p.
S h a n b l a t t , S a n fo rd .
The rabbi’s corner: personal insights on Jewish
and world problems.
New York, Vantage Press, 1973. 82 p.
S h a p e l l , N a t h a n .
Witness to the truth.
New York, David McKay, 1974.
386 p.
Memoirs of a survivor of the Nazi terror in Poland who became
the leader of a community of displaced persons.
S h e rm an , A r i J o s h u a .
Island refuge: Britain and refugees from the
Third Reich, 1933-1939.
Berkeley, University of California, 1973.
291 p.
S h e rm a n , A r n o ld .
When God judged and men died.
New York,
Bantam, 1973. 148 p. Paperbound.
A description of the Yom Kippur October 1973 war as seen from
the Israeli side of the battle.
S h u lv a s s , Moses
T he Jews in the world of the Renaissance.
from Hebrew by Elvin Kose. Leiden, Brill; Chicago, Spertus
College of Judaica, 1973. 367 p.
Jewish cultural and religious life in Italy.
Shum sky , A b ra h am .
The clash of cultures in Israel.
Westport, Conn.,
Greenwood Press, 1973. 170 p.
The problem of education of children from different communi­
ties of the East and West.
S ido rsky , D av id ,
T he future of the Jewish community in America.
New York, Basic Books, 1973. 324 p.
Sociological and historical analyses of problems in American
Jewish life.
S ie g e l , R i c h a r d ,
S t r a s s f e ld ,
M. 8
The Jewish catalog: a do-it
yourself kit.
Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society, 1973. 319 p.
A guide to Jewish life and institutions.
S i lb e r , M a rk .
T he family album.
Boston, David
R .
Godme, 1973.
S i lb e rg , M o sh e .
Talmudic law and the modern state.
New York,
Burning Bush Press, 1973. 224 p.
The relation of the Halakhah to modern application of Jewish
law in the State of Israel by a member of the Supreme Court of
S i lb e r s c h l a g , E is ig .
From generation to generation: Hebrew literature
from 1492 to 1970:
vol. 1. New York, Ktav, 1973. 431 p.
The beginnings of modern Hebrew literature after the ex­