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young by the head of Social Action of the Union of American
Hebrew Congregations.
W a a g e n a a r , Sam .
The Pope’s Jews.
La Salle, 111., Open Court, 1974.
500 p.
Jewish life in the Rome ghetto.
W a k em a n , M a r y
God’s battle with the monster: a study in Biblical
Leiden, Brill, 1973. 150 p.
The reptiles and monsters’ place in biblical theology.
W e i g a r t , G ideon .
Israel’s presence in East Jerusalem.
Jerusalem, 1973.
157 p.
W e in b e rg e r , L e o n J . ,
Jewish prince in Moslem Spain: selected
poems of Samuel Ibn Nagrela.
University of Alabama, 1973. 167 p.
W e in r y b , B e r n a r d D.
The Jews of Poland: a social and economic his­
tory of the Jewish community in Poland, 1100-1800.
Jewish Publication Society, 1973. 424 p.
Dr. Weinryb won the Bernard H. Marks Award of the Jewish
Book Council for this book.
W e in s te in , J a c o b J .
Solomon Goldman: a rabbi’s rabbi.
New York,
Ktav, 1973. 295 p.
A biography of the late spiritual head of Cong. Anshe Emet in
Chicago who was also an important American Zionist leader.
W e izm an n , C h a im .
The letters and papers: vol. 64: 1905-1906.
York, Oxford University Press, 1973. 419 p.
W h y b r a y ,
R. N.
The intellectual tradition in the Old Testament.
Berlin and New York, Walter de Gruyter, 1973. 158 p.
An examination of the use of wise, wisdom and other associated
terms in the Hebrew Bible.
W i e s e l , E l i e .
Ani maamin: a song lost and found again.
Trans, by
Marion Wiesel. New York, Random House, 1974. 107 p.
A poetic retelling of a Talmudic tale; text in both English and
W isem an , D av id
J . , ed.
Peoples of Old Testament times.
New York,
Oxford University Press, 1973. 419 p.
13 papers by specialists in the languages and civilizations of the
ancient Near East on the peoples mentioned in the Hebrew
W isse , R u t h R . ,
A shtetl and other Yiddish novellae.
New York,
Behrman House, 1974. 364 p.
W o l f f , H a n s W .
Hosea, a historical and critical commentary.
delphia, Fortress Press, 1973.
W o l f s o n , H a r r y A u s t r y n .
Studies in the history of philosophy and
vol. 1, Cambridge, Harvard University, 1973. 626 p.
The collected scholarly monographs on Jewish and Arabic