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Translation of uneven quality plus an introduction describing
Israel as an “armed aggressive state” and the Old Testament as
“disagreeable” detract from an otherwise useful anthology, (ages
M i le s , C y r i l , and L e v in e , R o s e .
Hebrew aleph beth art coloring book.
B loom f ie ld H il ls , M ich ig an , A lp h a B e t a C irc le Press ,
1973. 48
p .
P a p e rb ou n d .
Unclear Hebrew lettering and lack of white space render the
pictures difficult to color. For the budding young dilettante, (ages
M u r r a y , M i c h e l l e .
T he crystal nights.
New York, Seabury, 1973. 310 p.
A young girl discards her “screen of self-absorption” as her
family is affected by the anti-Semitism of 1938-1939. (ages 12-14)
P e a r lm a n , M o sh e .
The Maccabees.
New York, Macmillan, 1973. 272 p.
A perceptive analysis, enhanced by superb photos, of the still
relevant military tactics and political struggles that form the back­
ground of Hanukkah. (ages 12 and up)
R i c h t e r , H a n s P e t e r .
Trans, from German by Edite Kroll.
New York, Laurel-Leaf (Dell), 1973. 158 p. Paperbound.
The gripping narrative of a friendship destroyed in Nazi Ger­
many makes for one of the most outstanding books in Holocaust
literature, (ages 12-15)
------- .
I was there.
Trans, from German by Edite Kroll. New York,
Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1973. 205 p. Laurel-Leaf (Dell),
1973. 224 p. Paperbound.
The tense camaraderie of boys in the Hitler Youth is described
by the friend of
(ages 12-14)
R o s s e l , S e ym ou r , w ith B o r o w i t z , E u g en e B . and C h a n o v e r , H ym an .
When a Jew prays.
I llus . by E r ik a W e ih s . N ew Y o rk , B eh rm an
H ouse ,
1973. 192
p .
Children will be led to ask the right questions and seek their
own answers by this beautifully produced text in the Jewish Values
series, (ages 9-11)
S a ch s , M a r i l y n .
A pocket full of seeds.
Illus. by Ben F. Stahl. New
York, Doubleday, 1973. 137 p.
A young girl is separated from her parents during the Nazi in­
vasion of France. Ignore a few factual errors in the Seder scene,
for a meaningful story of Jewish identity, (ages 11-14)
S am u e ls , R u t h .
Bible stories for Jewish children: Joshua to Queen
Illus. by Laszlo Matulay. New York, Ktav Publishing House,
1973. 71 p.
The satisfying format does not redeem the bland retellings and
stilted language, (ages 8-10)