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S in g e r , I s a a c B a sh ev is .
T he fools of Chelm and their history.
from Yiddish by the author and Elizabeth Shub. New York, Farrar,
Straus and Giroux, 1973. 57 p.
The typically misguided efforts of a town full of schlemiels lack
freshness, although the parodies may appeal to readers unfamiliar
with the foibles of Chelmites. (ages 8-10)
------- .
Why Noah chose the dove.
Trans, from Yiddish by Elizabeth
Shub. Illus. by Eric Carle. New York, Farrar, Straus and Giroux,
1973. unp.
Vibrant colors delight the eye and enrich this midrash on peace­
ful co-existence, (ages 5-7)
Sm i th , G en e .
The horns of the moon: a short biography of Adolf Hitler.
New York, Charterhouse Books, 1973. 209 p.
“Short” here means incomplete, with practically no mention of
Jews or gas chambers, no moral judgment, (ages 12-14)
S t a d t l e r , B e a .
T he test: a text on the holocaust for the young student.
Cleveland, Ohio, 1973. 100 p. Paperbound.
Well-chosen topics make the point that the
is “not ancient
history.” (ages 10-12)
S u h l , Y u r i .
Uncle Misha’s partisans.
New York, Four Winds Press,
1973. 211 p.
Adventure and suspense distinguish a fast-paced narrative of
partisan resistance to the Nazis, steeped in historical facts and
Jewish values. Winner of the 1974 Charles and Bertie G. Schwartz
Juvenile Award of the Jewish Book Council, (ages 9-12)
T a y l o r , Sydney .
All-of-a-kind family downtown.
Illus. by Beth and
Joe Krush. New York, Yearling (Dell), 1972. 187 p. paperbound.
Five sisters and their baby brother grow up on New York’s Lower
East Side in the second of four well-loved books, (ages 8-10)
W u o r i o ,
T o fight in silence.
New York, Holt, Rinehart and
Winston, 1973. 216 p.
The extraordinary courage and loyalty of families who opposed
the Nazis in Denmark and Norway, (ages 12-15)