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read at the annual meeting in May of the Jewish Book Council.
A few lines must be added regarding Prof. Fischel, who enriched
with erudite essays the last five volumes of the
Jewish Book
Commencing in volume 27 with an essay on “T he
Literary Heritage of the Persian Speaking Jews,” Prof. Fischel
contributed a scholarly essay in each of the subsequent four
volumes. He was to have written in this volume an essay on
“T he Hebrew Writings of the Chinese Jews,” in volume 33 on
the Bucharian Jews, and in volume 34 on the Jews in Afghani­
stan. But alas, i t was not to be! This epitaph applies to all of
Life’s race well run,
Life’s work well done,
Life’s crown well won,
Now comes rest.
We voice our gratitude to those who made possible the appear­
ance of this volume: our sponsor, the National Jewish Welfare
Board; the Lucius N. L ittauer Foundation, whose generous
annual contribution comes to us through Mr. Harry Starr, our es­
teemed colleague and Editorial Board member; the Israel Matz
Foundation, whose president, Dr. I. Edward Kiev, is no t only
our learned colleague and Associate Editor, bu t also a dynamic
force in the activities of the Jewish Book Council. We express
a warm
todah rabbah
to our two past presidents, Rabbi Gilbert
Klaperman and Rabbi Judah Nadich, for their continuing in­
valuable service.
Aharon aharon haviv!
Rabbi Philip Goodman, our Managing
Editor, conscientiously and with dedicated zeal continues to guide
and inspire us. Having served as editor of the
volume 14 in 1956, this writer can testify tha t Rabbi Goodman,
by virtue of his indefatigable labors, his splendid leadership
and his sincere understanding, truly merits the sobriquet cited
in the Song of Songs (1.6)
noterah et hakramim,
“keeper of the
vineyards.” How well he has kept our vineyards:
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