Page 131 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 32

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nxa .D’nw D’ra y i mpiay niaVna on iK ’ai D’wnn : a p y ’ ’ n a i
/ay a n .x *pa .rVwn ,j*wVa n i s i .pVpna .Voso i n apy’
Studies in Jewish law, by the late Rabbi Jacob Dov Safsel, who was
known for his brilliance and called the “Prodigy of Vishki.”
may nxa .ono i’a *ioia *>nx Vy D’tzni’n : ’ ax m a y p i n t
/ay o"pn .rVwn ,wd” *t .o ois*t ,rVpna /rVxna’-ia ’as
Studies in Jewish ethics by Rabbi Amram Zvi Griinwald (1907-1951) ,
scion of a prominent Hungarian rabbinic family.
.a pVn .rVwn ,pVpna .o^aa-in Vy Dmx’ai nnyn : * i ’ x a npVn
/ay r r y .nmox niVnxa nisVn
The second volume of a commentary on Maimonides’ code,
this one dealing with the laws of forbidden foods, by Rabbi
Meyer Cohen, for many years executive director of the Union of
Orthodox Rabbis of the United States and Canada.
-maa Vy n pVn .rVwn ,pVpna .
t x
’ m n nxa p a s ’ n a n
/ay a"ym .Dnan
Comments and sermons on the books of Numbers and Deuteronomy,
by Rabbi Hersh Yaar.
.’poipy’s .■>nxa .nnx am y"w Vy D’-nx’ai nnyn : m aVn -»
pVn .r'Vwn ,pVpna
Notes on the
Shulhan Arukh
of Shneor Zalman ben Baruch, the
founder of Habad Hasidism, by Rabbi Israel Isaac Piekarski. This is
the seventh volume of a work begun more than a decade and a half ago.
,aVna iwa ,nri’Va nisVnV yaian m ’m t io ’x ’an j j n V i w n
,T’Vpna ,]wVa oid*t naxVn’Vp .D’mtnV’n nwa nxa .manyn
y ' v
On the dietary laws, by Rabbi Moses Hildesheim of Cleveland.
Vx’mp’ nxa .naiam r a i ’V maxi naVna mm n a i paip : * i i x ’ ,-p
.rVwn ,xao V xm jiaa ,pVpna .axBEnaVn nnn*
Hanukkah in Jewish law and lore, based on lectures delivered by
Rabbi Jekutiel Jehuda Halberstam before the Tsanser Yeshiva in
Union City, N.J. The Tsanser Hasidim revere the Halberstam family,
so these lectures were delivered before an appropriate forum.
o ibt
,pVpna .pma iVa’Vx nxa .maiwni maVn ’wnn : ’ a s
d i d
/ ay r t n .rVwn ,w irn .o
Notes on the Talmud and responsa, by Rabbi Samuel A. Turk of