Page 133 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 32

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.Vann nnnaw a^aiy iVx-^xa amn anaxa *pix :aV ’ D i y a
/ay awxp .rVwn ,.\a . n r s p i x i nxa
Essays on Jewish thought and doctrine, by Rabbi Reuben Zinder.
.pawsy i n no r nxa .ioia nnya nnn ’wnm : i o i a n n n s a
/ay n "y i .rVwn ,aixn nnn ,.\a
An ethical work by Rabbi Joseph David Epstein, which is parti­
cularly addressed toward man to man relations; a second edition.
.x v/y mx’a oy apiVa ,n*ra .ny j n n a n Vna
/ay a"xp .rVwn
Anthology of the laws on circumcision, with a commentary by Rabbi
A. Katz.
.a n x rn .Vyoax D«n apy* nxa .nDianV win la : a p y nVna
/ay non .x
i i d
.a"Vwn ,o*na amxn o is i ,.\a
A collection of material on Hanukkah, including sermons, by Rabbi
Jacob Chaim Amsel of Brooklyn, now in its second edition.
-pna .Vyoax a^n apy’ nxa .niaion an1? a^n wsa : a p y nVna
/ay a"Vn .x
i id
.wd’h .d o isi ,p*?
A similar collection on Sukkoth.
.a"Vwn ,pVpna .oxia
nxa .nimox niVaxa Vy : n ■>y w ’ wsa
/ay v'apn
On forbidden foods, by Rabbi S. I. Gross.
•ins am v,y ■'Vaax main ay .paipa io ia nnam : i w » n i s o
/ay D"w .a"Vwn ,.\a
Sefer ha-Yashar,
a medieval adaptation of Bible stories up to the
Book of Judges, with an English translation.
nnna ay ,o*nan npm 's wxia : X " a w i n ’ w i i ’ na a * a n y
.a"Vwn ,.\a .pawsy Vm i nxa .npm *a*aya
Studies in the Talmudic commentaries of Solomon ben Abraham
Adret, the sage of medieval Barcelona, with special reference to the
legal concept,
by Rabbi H. L. Epstein.
/pVpna .w n x a rV amnx VViaa n n : , m n n a i r a i p
/ay o"p .nnsaa anapn nam msa
Discussions on Jewish law and religion by members of a Habad
study circle.