Page 135 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 32

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. r t o n ,ana ,.\a .pawsnw naVn o” i i Vixs nxa . n w y i m a x
/ay a"ap> .x pVn
A new Hebrew text-book by Paul Weiss and Sol Scharfstein.
.a’ana 'a .rVwn ,ana ,.\a .unp> naVw nxa . j s V i x a l anax
A new Hebrew primer by Shlomo Kodesh, author of many Hebrew
.rVwn ,.\a .pawa” s .a nxa .ma’V nso j n ’ n o ’ n ’ nay
Basic Hebrew : A text-book,
by M. Feinstein.
♦tanVia yrnn’ nxa .1955—1972 b’yw *idx : n ’ n ’ Vw n a n y n
T'p >T'p
. r t o n ,’ans ,.\a
A collection of Hebrew poems with translation into English by
the author, Yehuda Goldman, under the title,
A One Man Exhibit.
. r t o n ,.\a .n’Vyn a’ *? 'n x nxa .rynax y"w Vy : a ’ x 1Va ’ aa x
/ay rran
Commentary on the
Shulhan Arukh : Even ha-Ezer
of Joseph Caro,
by Aryeh Leib Heller (ca. 1745-1813), rabbi in Stry, Galicia, an
opponent of Hasidism, yet highly respected by the Hasidim.
.rVwn ,.\a .a’oxpa Vnaya ama nxa .n\ny n n ’ on : B i Vw n a n x
Hasidic comments on the Pentateuch, by Menahem Mendel ben
Jacob (ca. 1768-1825), one of the early teachers of Hasidism.
.ama nyanxa a n n Vy /w ’m man i n n ,’y’ann na ?aVi y n i x
.r'Vwn ,*inxw
.n ,pVpna .ni’Vana ttrvn ’ax ia n’xa nxa
.a’sn n"D
A didactic poem, touching on the high points of Jewish law, by
Rabbi Meir Margolioth of Ostrog, Poland, who lent his prestige as
a prominent rabbi in 18th century Poland to the new Hasidic move­
ment, which at that time was opposed by many rabbinic leaders.
.tt’Vp’a nnya an nn nxa . n n p a a m a i w m mV x w
/ay a"p .x nns .rVwn ,o’ ina a’nxn oisn ,.\a
Responsa, by Rabbi David Meisels of Hungary, first published 40
years ago.
.Y'Vwn /.’ .a .wVp’a m nxa .n"ny :m n pa a
Comments on the Torah by the same author.