Page 136 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 32

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,a"ton ,.\a .pna”x n"x nxa .panan n in a ’an ? n ’ an no - i a
/a y rrop
On the benedictions to be recited on felicitous occasions, by Rabbi
Abraham Hayyim Einhorn; first published in Hungary in 1893.
.T'ton ,.\a .V’aay nor nxa .’a t o m ’Vaa Vy : o " wn ’ a i ’ Va
.nyia n o .a *po .n’ jnr n o ,x n a /a y a"to
Notes on the Talmudic orders Zeraim and Moed by Rabbi Josef
Engel of Cracow, Poland (1859-1919).
.a pVn .r to n ,.\a .powa’s .a nxa .p"a a 'y snwa n n a *7
A new printing of vol. 2 of a commentary on the Talmudic tractate
Baba Kamma,
by Rabbi Moses Feinstein.
,[?rton ] ,.\a .anso naaa ViVo :»*na n n V n
Anthology on the laws of ritual purity for women.
.r to n ,.\a .y’Vxpoa nrn ’n nxa .D’Vnn Vy
w it s
: p n x ’ y i r
/a y row
Commentary on the Book of Psalms, by Rabbi Isaac Hayyut of
Skala, Galicia, who died in 1726.
,naw ,ma*ia .x nna .a"ton ,anson to-ia ,.\a . x " a ® m ’ W H ’ n
o"p—V"p .ns’a .a n o /a y ’"p /rop .ma ,pVin ,noio ,nV’aa ,nn
/a y n"sp .pwrpp ,mains .
1*10 /a y r s .pan ’y .a n o /a y
a"o /ay n"op .p"a cm a ,niyiaw ,pa’a .n n o
The Talmudic commentary of Solomon ben Abraham Adret (1235—
1310), rabbi of the Jewish community in Barcelona, Spain, who ex­
ercised leadership in many spheres of communal life.
,.\a .I’nnVw ntyVx jnat ox,y .fa’a .x nxa .n"ny : n y i a w p a ’
/a y a"apn .a"ton
Homilies on the Pentateuch, by Rabbi Eleazar ben Aryeh Loew-
Mintz (1758-1837) of Austria-Hungary.
moaw na ’ so ’Vaa naVn o"wn nnax Vy s’ a n z n a n t a i pV’
.[?a"ton] ,o”n .’ ,pVpna .pyaw puna nxa .nrnn apy’ pya
.D’ST T"’p .x
i i d
Comments on the Talmudic Aggadot by Rabbi Gerson Stern, a
prominent Hungarian scholar who died in 1936.
pVpna .VyxiT’x
nxa .nan mona xoa Vy
x a
p V
/a y try .a"ton
Commentary on the Talmudic tractates
Menahem ben Solomon Meiri, rabbi in Perpignan, France (1249-1316) ,
with a supercommentary by Rabbi Abraham Meir Israel.