Page 140 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 32

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n y w
.D ’ an rrop .rV w n ,a n x D .a ,.\a .wttxpVy^n
An ethical work by Mordecai ben Samuel, first published in Eastern
Europe in 1770.
.n rnnan n o Vy onm oa ,nnxa m n Vy
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/ay r a n ,v'ttw ,[?rVwn ?pVpna] .nVn Vxiaw p -pxa nxa
On the 613 precepts, by Rabbi Meyer Klein, originally from
.mnaoa nywn Vy d w » m m nnax i niaVn ’ wnn
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.D’ 3T n"y /ay m p .[? rVw n ] ,ia *n .t , . u
o^n om a x nxa
Commentaries on nine tractates of the Talmud by Rabbi Abraham
Hayyim Schor of Belz, Galicia, who died in 1632.