Page 142 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 32

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/TT 367
.nanVa-aVyn nya^nx njn nya laxVon px pyV-a’a ’Vs ps ?xax*i
O k r u tn y , Jo s e p h .
Deaf territory.
Buenos Aires, Svive, 1973. 367 p.
Novel of Jewish refugee life in Soviet Russia during World War
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/TT 306 .1974
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.1918 px o’n x r x pnyn paanga ayais yaxaonx yaany n
A sh , S h o lem .
Uncle Moses: excerpts of studies, criticism, memoirs.
by Samuel Rollansky. Buenos Aires, Literary Society at IWO in
Argentina, 1973. 261 p. (Masterworks of Yiddish literature, vol. 56)
This famous novel first appeared in New York in 1918.
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px w?ynayn px om x Vxa’anx .aa^y a ito ps noia px ay-iijs
B e r k o w i t z ,
I. D.
Menachem Mendl in Eretz Israel.
Tel-Aviv, Beth
Sholem Aleichem and I.L . Peretz Publishing House, 1973. 244 p.
Novel of life in Palestine written in an epistolary form imitating
the famous work of Sholem Aleichem. Originally published in
Hebrew in 1934.
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/TT 358 .1973 ,VyaX0’S
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pnnyaax axn nana -lyi ."(jyaaiaya^xixs) iwaaya y:ya«x„
“iyp30 n px
G lb n i t s k y , A l e x a n d e r .
My treasury.
Moscow, Sovetskii Pisatel’, 1973.
358 p.
The book consists of two parts: “Novelettes and Stories” and
“Sketches.” The author made his literary debut in Soviet-Yiddish
literature in the 1930s.
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