Page 144 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 32

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N a d i r , M o y sh e .
Nadirisms: aphorisms, paradoxes, play on words, poetic
Ed. by Hertz Grosbart. Ramat ha-Sharon, I.L . Peretz Pub­
lishing House, 1973. I l l p.
Selections arranged by the books from which excerpts have been
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E d a r i , Z eev
(Wl. Bak.)
Blood on the cross.
Tel-Aviv, I.L . Peretz Pub­
lishing House, 1973. 328 p.
Stories of World War II by an author who was a high officer
in the Polish army of Gen. Berling. Translated from the Polish
original by the author and others.
T-naynny Q^n ,a*a*rVn .nytnyn yaya’Va-ixs . D ” n , n i 5 nay n n y
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E h r e n r e i c h , C h a im .
Remaining writings.
Tel-Aviv, Chaim Ehrenreich
Book Committee, 1974. 156 p.
The book comprises memories from the Old Country, four stories
of American Jewish life and other occasional writings. Edited
posthumously by Kadia Molodowsky and S. Lew.
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.1930-1929 p x tVns p x onnx Vga p t n y m s
K a c y z n e , A l t e r .
T he strong and the weak.
Tel-Aviv, I.L . Peretz Pub­
lishing House, 1972. 2 vols. (Collected Works, vols. 3-4)
Novel of Jewish life during and after World War I. First pub­
lished in Warsaw in 1929-30.