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Anthology “C h i l e a n e x c e r p t s of studies, criticism and memoirs.
Buenos Aires, Literary Society at IWO in Argentina, 1972. 269 p.
(Masterworks of Yiddish literature, vol. 54)
Poetry and prose of Yiddish writers in Chile, with a biographical
dictionary and introduction by the editor.
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.1971—1968 ng* ’*t Ttfms pnwyn ,aaiVagT
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S h le v in ,
Under the stars of the Negev and other stories.
Paris, 1974.
141 p.
Collection of stories written between the years 1968-1971. The
first book by the author was published in Warsaw in 1933.
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/TT 148 .1973
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S p ie g e l , Y e s h a y a h u .
The crown: short stories.
Tel-Aviv, Israel-Book,
1973. 148 p.
12th book by the author since his debut in 1930. The title story
was written in the Lodz ghetto, the other two in 1963 and 1965/70
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/'piag’r a y^nx-iya^,, r x "pnaga-iy'Trp*
S h ra y bm an , Y e k h i e l .
Years and minutes: a novel, stories, miniatures,
Moscow, Sovetskii Pisatel’, 1973. 430 p.
Collection containing a novel and short stories from Jewish
life in the author’s native Bessarabia. Includes also children’s
stories, notes on writers and books, and aphorisms.