Page 149 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 32

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k a t c h , M e y e r Z im l .
My anthology of Russian poetry.
1973.128 p.
Selections translated into Yiddish, starting with Alexander Push­
kin and closing with Yosif Brodsky.
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N o ch um .
The blessed hour: poems.
C. Celia Jerum
Rogoff, 1973. 720 p.
Comprehensive collection, started by the author, but finished
and edited posthumously by Jacob Birnbaum.
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Yun gm an , M o sh e .
Rainbows at the bedside: poems.
Tel-Aviv, Israel
Book, 1973. 123 p.
Sixth collection since the author’s debut in Rome in 1946.
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M a l t in s k y , K h ay im .
o my years . .
. Moscow, Sovetskii Pisatel’,
1973. 278 p.
Retrospective collection, spanning the literary activity of the
author starting with the year 1925.
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.flnyaan ny i in nyaoynw ,ix*?sxp yan) .p .0 r x o’V
N ev ad ov sk a , R o s a .
My poems.
Tel-Aviv, I.L . Peretz Publishing House,
1974. 272 p.
Posthumously published by the family. Edited and selected by
Avrom Lis.