Page 150 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 32

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.'TT 23 .1973 ,OU”X ,5’5#
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nyns "yrmonx njpja nyi is,, n&ipn x D*a .1939 gpwayaoynyn
S lo w a c k i , J u l iu s z .
Father of the leprous.
Trans, from Polish by L.
Popik. Tel-Aviv, Eygns, 1973. 23 p.
Excellent translation of a famous Polish classic.
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/TT 200 .1973 ,p S .*? .’
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P a p ie rn ik o v , Jo s e p h ,
Jerusalem in Yiddish poetry.
Tel-Aviv, I.L.
Peretz Publishing House, 1973. 200 p.
Selection of over 100 poems by over 70 Yiddish writers, starting
with Morris Rosenfeld and ending with the youngest Yiddish poet
residing in Israel, Rivka Basman.
/TT 59 .1972 ,“DT ,5*5$-Vn .*iypV 5*110 pX 3*im$ H2P11X .*? , p ’ 3 XS
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/TT 71 .1972 ,VX*lftP px p’X'lXS-lOO^XmWT pX TaX“)ya’1?
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arT nyasH ayns nyr*? unVaxT yasps
.1926 px
Ch a im L e ib .
Sunset: poems.
Haifa, Haifa Publishing House of
the Association of Yiddish Journalists and Writers in Israel, 1972.
71 p.
Fifth collection by the poet whose literary debut was in Poland
in 1926.
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/TT 558 .1973 ,pyV"2?l ,5*5#
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/TT 135 .1974
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