Page 156 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 32

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u $m
G u b e rek , Simon.
A Jew in Colombia.
Bogota, Colombia [printed in
Buenos Aires], 1973. 358 p. Illus.
Recollections and observations of life in the Old Country and
of immigrant life in Latin America to which the author emigrated
from his native town Zhelekhov in pre-war Poland.
a y a m y a >ypira“iyn *?ByBw nytaix r s m an a t . i n n , p ’ b
,.\a /rVpn a .B i^o iax1? nypiranyn r s
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n r s payia# a y i
/ t t 43 .1973
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/bdlV’ x / t t 181
S a rk in , S.
Memoirs: the labor movement in Lithuania and Canada:
vol. I :
in the Old Country.
Toronto, Canada, Vochenblat, 1973.
181 p. Illus.
The first volume covers the first two decades of the present
century which the author spent in his native town of Vilkomir,
.(manat) ayn-oaay1?
a r x tyVsxaw . V i a y a , p ^ a w a x a x B
,.x.*t ,a-naoyaxnx’
nyatzny ny i /iy a
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."ypnsx-onx/ ao^n nyta2 ny i ,"D” n yaVx,, jfinyaax r x
T a b a c h n ik , M en d l .
My way up in life.
Johannesburg, S.A., 1973. 2 vols.
Recollections by a South African Yiddish writer. The first volume
deals with life in the Old Country, the second describes the author’s
South African experience.
,*nx^ ,p -n a i .Vaaanya r x *iaxp r s
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/ t t 706
-Vytya tu rn * x r s ]yaaixxw sgnya ,'a r x m an a t ,ty” oy arVpsg
l y i r x p’Bya tynya r x ogn Bon rap x
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.iVns r x oy’ s x r a x a ig y w n r y’n yxaxa x r x ” Bnxs nywnaia
S c h i c h a t o v , S h a y a .
Years of striving and struggle.
Ramat-Gan, Leor,
1973. 706 p.
Essays, memoirs and book reviews by an active member of the
Jewish Labor Bund party in pre-war Poland.