Page 159 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 32

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*pix D'ttnia
tyamynya’x ynyo nyi r x yaxaonx y a s r s
r x o’n s r x ,nan na*>x ,yaw*iy n .niV^a wan
un sky ,
Midrash rabbah: shir hashirim (song of songs).
With Yid­
dish translation, text emendations, explanatory notes and intro­
ductions. Montreal, 1973. 536 p.
Fifth volume in the series of Yiddish translations of Talmudic
commentaries on the Hagiographa.
-*?n .D2pHfi»K *ixs Vmnya r x
. y w1fp a m a x , V w y n
.*uya 2
,mu»n , r a x
pyaynya*x ,mTon r x a^po^aynys nyonTi x
na*w n
-asnw 220 anaya axn oxn nvpon r s iyayp r x
w x
t s
x *nn
.anipa yayVira
H e s c h e l , A b ra h am J o s h u a .
Kotsk; in the struggle for truthfulness.
Aviv, Hamenora, 1973. 2 vols.
Teachings of an important Hassidic personality, Menahem
Mendl of Kotsk, compiled from oral and written sources.
-iVpmsn ymyVxa ,yaixoynyarx jjVinaw aa*’1? . a ’ W’ Vx , ] na
.T'Vwn ,axVnxD "jVinaw aa’V„ ,pn#n*a nso *iya6 nyTV r x iya
.'TT 176
-w>ai?XTT r s tVxnyaxa-m’V anV&XT yayayayaomx wngnys
ay*r ]
X ao’Vw 6 i :x a nyi .aVxnrx fw^ayVgD r x ry*a*Vyi
."aajnyn jynya r x m ny-T,, .a.x anV’m y i *
ynyaayV x r s V”a
.’pxxaayVa a^n r s lyaaipnyasa
ai’VpDg . n i ’ x n na * x x
,nimaT r x p’aonyapx-ixa i jn is /jayanxw-ixs r s TaaymxiS
-ya’V ,oyi22X"o$ayia .’pojxwtxi Vxiaw r s y xp x iy i iyn nymix
nyaoia) /tt 365
,ya*aaya*i8 r x yrc*
a aSxwVyTyamaxn
■nay :Va*>a r s wxia .(53 '*Ta m axiya ’V nyw’T ’ nyi r s piyn
.1 12Xa ,WB22B
*inx anaya . . . pyaourna’XTrnanre r s aaiVaxT x ,a22*?psx ix„
.OyaaipiyaxanxS) " . . . m
r s oyaxaonx
T s e n e r e n e (T s e e n a h u - r e e n a h )
. Selections, with notes by Khayim
Glembotski. Excerpts from research and critical analysis . . . ed. by
Shmuel Rollansky. Buenos Aires, Literary Society at the IWO in
Argentina, 1973. 365 p. (Masterworks of Yiddish literature, vol.
53, yivre-taytsh [archaic Yiddish], vol. 1)
Selections from a popular Yiddish adaptation of the Pentateuch,
first published in the 17th century. The book became a classic of
older Yiddish literature.