Page 162 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 32

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W e in r e i c h , M a x .
History of the Yiddish language: concepts, facts,
New York, YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, 1973.
4 vols.
Pioneering work by one of the major scholars in the field of
Yiddish which opens up new dimensions for Yiddish linguists in
particular and Jewish cultural history in general.
-ogiyia .(lyaiuxfcnyi r x ppoy) .n n n r s pws# r x . dm a x ,
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/Oy-wspniBVip *iywnr> lyayWynVx ,oyTJX
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.1 9 7 3
‘lynnx pa lyp’oxVi? n r s *iyainw ywnn pyn ty^oy
.rm tnxsyn yp_n r x
Z ak , A b ra h am .
In the glow of generations: essays and memories.
Aires, Congress for Jewish Culture, Argentine Branch, 1973. 289 p.
Essays on Yiddish writers from the classics to the modems. Also
notes on travels and encounters.
p s .*? .■» ,
’ ag-Vn .ayn nywoygs onynypno amax . ^ * i r , p i x a
1 75
.1 9 7 4
yjm r s inx m /iBSnx iwn
*iyo^ onyaan r s amgvfig
-ax-isw twnn jtmpxa x r s pnwya ^yaaw naw yayVax-isw
tyamxwsx rx )ayanx myaan r s y’Sx-iag^a’a x tra .nytnxs
.D’x pyn
M a r k , Y u d e l .
Abraham Sutzkever’s poetic way.
Tel-Aviv, I.L . Peretz
Publishing House, 1974. 175 p.
Literary and linguistic analysis of the work of one of our great­
est contemporary poets. Includes bibliography.
•nxa .(*?tnyn rx tn#n r s y^sx-n^a iy*T is) lyV yan rin . a i , ] *
" 'wyaig ,03nai$p-*nBV,ip nywnn nyayVaVynVx ,osn?aro$ayn .2
2 5 4
.1 9 7 2
> n
B# *iyi
"a?2Va ywnn r s axawsg r x a n s a pyn oymaw n x a iyo2
S ad an , D ov .
Idiomatic expressions in Yiddish:
vol. 2. Buenos Aires,
Congress for Jewish Culture, Argentine Branch, 1972. 254 p.
Second volume of studies on the usage, meaning and origin of
Yiddish idioms.
rx jyayVains ywnp ,aojip
"ixs “paV&XT i f y a g n s
,a ’ a x _,?r) .pnyV a” 1? :.aon*ix .re&nyrcaw .*? .w j.iyn .y ^ x a iy a ip in
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