Page 164 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 32

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H a k e n , E m a n u e l .
Songs to Yiddish poetry.
E d .
by Bruno Reinhardt.
Piano arrangement by Shmuel Razin. Tel-Aviv, Or-Tav Music
Publishers, 1973. 88 p.
Music to the lyrics of Itzik Manger, M. L. Halpern and other
Yiddish poets with an introduction by Nehama Lifschitz. The
texts are in the Yiddish original, both in the Yiddish alphabet and
in transcription.
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M a i r a n t z , B a r u c h .
My Jewish shtetl: recreated in rafia and wood by
Baruch Mairantz.
Introduction by David Davidowicz. Tel-Aviv,
Amir, 1972. 84 p.
Pictures from an exhibition with a short biographical note and
evaluation of the artist and his work.
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S a r a h P a t t :
life and works: 60 years of activity for Yiddish culture and
art in America.
Tel-Aviv, Oyfkum, 1971. 182 p. Illus.
Biographical and documentary material on the activities of an
actress who, together with her husband, organized the Literary-
Dramatic Society in Chicago.