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B u b e r , M a r t i n .
On Zion: the history of an idea.
London, East
Library, 1973. 165 p.
Collection of writings and lectures.
C a n o v a n , M a r g a r e t .
Political thought of Hannah Arendt.
Everyman’s University Library, 1974. 140 p.
C a sp e r , B e r n a r d Moses .
A decade with South African Jewry.
Town, Howard Timmins, 1972. 202 p.
Essays and sermons.
C a s t r o
R o s s i , A d o l f o D e .
History of the Jews in Spain.
Trans, from
Spanish by D. G. M. Kirwan. London, Westport, 1973. 276 p.
C l a r k e , J . I . ,
F i s h e r , W .
B., eds.
Populations of the Middle East
and North Africa: a geographical approach.
London, University
of London, 1972. 432 p.
Twelve contributors examine the changes in the region as a
result of political developments, including the migration of the
Jewish population from Arab countries to Israel.
C o h e n , H a y y im
J .
Jews of the Middle East
Jerusalem, Israel
Universities Press; Chichester, J . Wiley, 1974. 222 p.
C om a y , J o a n .
Who’s who in Jewish history after the period of the Old
London, Weidenfeld 8c Nicolson, 1974. 448 p.
C o o l e y , J o h n
Green March, Black September: the story of the
Palestinian Arabs.
London, Frank Cass, 1973.
Another examination of the Palestinian Arabs’ case. The author
has personally interviewed Arafat, Habash and other terrorist
leaders and reveals great gullibility in accepting many of their
statements at their face value, thus robbing his own arguments of
their objectivity.
C o p la n s , J o h n ,
Roy Lichtenstein,
London, Allen Lane, 1974. 256 p.
C o r r i g a n , F e l i c i t a s .
Siegfried Sassoon: a poet’s pilgrimage.
Gollancz. 1973. 224 p.
C ow le s , V i rg in ia .
The Rothschilds: a family of fortune.
London, Weid­
enfeld 8c Nicolson, 1973. 304 p.
Lavishly illustrated history of the Rothschild family.
D a n , B en .
The spy from Israel.
London, Vallentine
Mitchell, 1973.
224 p.
Story of Eli Cohen.
D av idson , E u g en e .
Nuremberg fallacy: wars and crimes since World
War II.
London, Collier-Macmillan, 1974. 384 p.
D av is , M o sh e ,
L e v y , I s a a c ,
All about Israel.
London, Educa­
tion Dept., Jewish National Fund, 1973.
A series of useful pamphlets by two highly respected educators
now published in handy book form.
D im on t , M a x .
Indestructible Jews.
London, W. H. Allen, 1973. 374 p.
Is there a manifest destiny in Jewish history?