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D on in , H a y im H a l e v y .
be a Jew : guide to Jewish observance in
contemporary life.
London, Basic Books, 1974. 336 p.
D r e s n e r , C a m i l l o ,
L i t v i n o f f , B a r n e t ,
T he letters and papers
of Chaim Weizmann:
Vol. IV, Series A. Jan . 1905-Dec. 1906.
London, Oxford University Press, 1973. 358 p.
E in s te in , A l b e r t .
Ideas and opinions.
New translations and revisions
by Sonja Bargmann. London, Souvenir Press, 1973. 377 p.
A selection of writings on such topics as the Jewish people,
Germany, religion, politics, government, pacifism and science.
E p p e l , E .
M., ed.
Education for cultural pluralism: papers from a con­
ference held in London
December 15-17, 1970.
London, World
Jewish Congress, Cultural Department, 1972. 133 p.
E p p l e r , E l i z a b e th E .
Churchill, the Jews and Zionism: a bibliography
and catalogue prepared on the occasion of Jewish Book Week 1974.
London, World Jewish Congress, 1974. l i p .
E s s l in , M a r t i n .
Pinter: a study of his plays.
London, Eyre and Meth­
uen, 1973. 200 p. (Modern Theatre Profile Series)
E v r o n , Y a i r .
The Middle East.
London, Elek, 1973. 248 p. (Nations,
Super-Powers & Wars)
F e rg u s o n , P a m e l a .
Palestine problem.
London, Martin, Brian
O’Keefe, 1973. 160 p.
F o d o r , E u g en e ,
London, Hodder, 1974. 322 p. Illustrated.
F r e e d l a n d , M i c h a e l .
Irving Berlin.
London, W. H. Allen, 1973. 320 p.
F re u d , Sigmund.
Freud-Jung letters: correspondence between Sigmund
Freud and C. C. Jung .
Trans, from German by R. Manheim and
F .
C. Hill. London, Routledge, 1974. 692 p.
F r ie dm a n , I s a i a h .
T he question of Palestine: British-Jewish-Arab rela­
London, Routledge 8c Kegan Paul, 1973. 433 p.
A study based on newly available documents showing that the
Balfour Declaration was to counter the possibility of a Turco-
German protectorate of Palestine.
F r i s c h a u e r , W i l l i .
Behind the scenes of Otto Preminger.
Michael Joseph, 1973. 279 p. Illustrated.
F u r n e a u x , R u p e r t .
T he Roman siege of Jerusalem.
London, Hart-
Davis, 1973. 298 p.
G i l l , J o h n .
Notices of the Jews and their country by the classic writers
of antiquity.
London, Westport, 1973. 180 p.
G r a n g e , H e n r y -L o u i s D e L a .
Mahler: a biography.
L o n d on , G o llancz ,
1974. 916 p.
G r a n t , M i c h a e l .
T he Jews in a Roman world.
London, Weidenfeld
Nicolson, 1973. 347 p.
Important contribution to Jewish history.