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K edw a rd ,
H. R.
Fascism in Western Europe, 1900-1945.
London, Blackie, 1973. 260 p. (General Studies 8)
Discusses Fascist policies on the Jews.
K im ch e , J o n .
Palestine or Israel: the untold story of why we failed
London, Seeker and Warburg, 1973. 339 p.
The well-known Middle East expert argues that for the foresee­
able future politics will be dominated by the need of the great
powers for oil and their reluctance to risk another major war.
K o c h a n , L i o n e l ,
T he Jews in Soviet Russia since 1917:
2nd ed.
London, Oxford University Press, for the Institute of Jewish
Affairs, 1972. 377 p.
With additional material on the 1970 census and Jewish emi­
gration from the USSR.
K o h a n sk y , M e n d e l .
T el Aviv and environs.
London, Weidenfeld &
Nicolson, 1974. 208 p.
Kops , B e r n a r d .
The world is a wedding.
London, Vallentine Mitchell,
1973. 264 p.
Reprint of this sensitive and committed Jewish author’s account
of his tempestuous early life.
L a f f i n , J o h n .
Fedayeen: the Arab-lsraeli dilemma.
London, Cassell,
1973. 160 p.
L a m b e r t , G av in .
On Cukor.
London, W.
H .
Allen, 1973. 276 p.
Biography of George Cukor.
L a n d a u , J a c o b M .
Middle Eastern themes: papers in history and
London, Frank Cass, 1973. 309 p.
Papers in history and politics in the Middle East over the last
hundred years, chiefly on Egypt, Israel, Lebanon and Turkey but
also on such general issues as Pan-Islam and Pan-Turkism.
L a q u e u r , W a l t e r .
Confrontation: the Middle-East War and world
London, Wildwood House, 1974. 244 p.
The Yom Kippur War and its consequences.
L a r k in ,
M. State and Church after the Dreyfus Affair.
London, Mac­
millan, 1974. 312 p.
Latin America and the future of its Jewish communities.
of the Experts Conference. New York, 3-4 June 1972. London,
Institute of Jewish Affairs, 1973. 159 p.
L ig h tm a n , S idney ,
The Jewish travel guide, 1974.
London, Jewish
Chronicle Publications, 1974. 320 p.
M a c c o b y , H y am .
Revolution in Judea : Jesus and the Jewish resistance.
London, Orbach 8c Chambers, 1973. 320 p.
M a g e e , B r y a n .
London, Fontana, 1973. 109 p. (Fontana
Modern Masters)
Monograph on Karl Popper.