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M a g id o f f , R o b e r t ,
R a y n o r , H e n r y .
Yehudi M enuhin .
H a le ,
1973. 352 p.
M a h l e r , A lm a .
Gustav Mahler: memories and letters:
3rd ed. Ed. by
Donald Mitchell. Trans, by Basil Creighton. London, John Murray,
1973. 235 156 p., 111.
Includes a new appendix and chronology by D. Mitchell and
Knud Martner.
M c L a n e , C h a r l e s
Soviet-Middle-East relations.
London. Central
Asian Research Centre, 1973. 126 p.
M a n d e l s t am , N ed ezhd a .
Hope abandoned.
Trans, from Russian by
Max Hayward. London, Harvill Press, 1974. 684 p.
The second volume of her memoirs.
M a n d e l s t am , N ed ezhd a ,
M a n d e l s tam , Osip.
Chapter 42 and the
Trans, from Ruusian by D. Rayfield. London, Menard
Press, 1973. 40 p.
M a n d l e s t am , Osip.
Selected poems.
London, Duckworth Press, 1973.
200 p.
M a n n , S y lv ia .
Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria.
London, Weidenfeld and
Nicolson, 1974. 240 p.
A guidebook.
M a r g o l iu s , H e d a .
I do not want to remember: Auschwitz 1941-Prague
Trans, by Erazim Kohak. London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson,
1973. 174 p.
Autobiography of the author who began adult life in the Lodz
ghetto and was deported to Auschwitz; in 1945 she escaped to
Prague and joined the Communist Party. Her husband was tried
and executed in the Slansky trial.
M a so n , Sh a indy ,
Zionist year book, 1974, 5734-35.
London, Zionist
Federation of Great Britain and Ireland, 1974. 486 p.
M ayb aum , Ign a z .
Trialogue between Jew, Christian and Muslim.
don, Routledge, 1973. 152 p. (Littman Library of Jewish Civiliza­
Argues that the three great monotheistic religions will success­
fully defend the West against Asian nihilism.
M edd ing , P e t e r
Y., ed.
Jews in Australian society.
South Melbourne,
Macmillan of Australia; Clayton, Monash University, 1973. 299 p.
Sociological analysis based on a sample survey carried out on
Melbourne Jews in 1966-67. Other contributions deal with various
aspects of Australian Jewish life.
M i c h a l e k , B o l e s l a w .
Cinema of Andrzei Wajda.
Trans, from Polish
by E. Rothert. London, Tantivy Press, 1974. 175 p.
The Middle East and North Africa, 1973-74.
London, Europa, 1973.
872 p.
Extended additional articles on religions in the area.